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Map view on DB website

I think the DB website has an option for viewing a train route on a map, but I haven't found a map icon anywhere. Can someone help, please. I know how to show the details for the stops, but would like to see more of the actual route. Thanks!

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The DB Navigator phone app has a map option (not sure about the website). When you search for a ticket, and it shows you the details, scroll down to "Show route details" and click on the red arrow, then scroll down to the bottom and click the "Map view" option.

It's not a great map but it will give you a general idea of the route.

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I haven’t been able to find the “map view” since they changed their website format a few months ago (or whenever it was).

If you simply want to know the route and stops along the way, touch or click “show details” for the train you are interested in. The next window will show that train and others if there are transfers/changes. To see the stops along the route, short of your final destination, touch or click “further information” (or maybe it says “more information”) for each train.

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With the change to the new web version a few useful features had disappeared, for example the print function. These are now coming back step by step. The map should come back with the next update. For the time being it is only available in the mobile version.

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Thanks everyone! The DB app gave me the info I was looking for. Will wait for the maps to return.