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Making the most of Europe tour (work & play & bike)- HELP :)

Hello amazing travelers!

New to the form and so grateful for the resource and perspectives. I'm needing some support/help/perspectives on how I can make the most of my upcoming trip to Europe.

I'm flying in to Munich on May 19th; speaking at an event in Berlin the end of May (29th-30th) so will need to be in Berlin around that time; visiting a friend in Vienna after Berlin for a week or two to enjoy that city and probably do a bunch of hiking in the Alps; visiting family in Verona, Italy after Vienna for a few days; spending time in Switzerland after Italy for as long as I want; after Switzerland the options are completely open (France; Spain; Portugal; Belgium; Amsterdam; UK; Ireland; etc are all possibilities).

I'm fortunate that the only SET dates are arriving in Munich on the 19th for one speaking gig, and another speaking gig in Berlin on the 29-30th - I have full freedom to do what I please and go where I want between & after those times. I do not need to return to the States by a certain time and am already considering applying for the special visa in Germany that would allow me to stay for 12-months (I run my own company that allows me to live anywhere I choose).

I will have to work 3-4 days each week where I must have access to private wi-fi (so I can communicate with my clients through Skype or another web-based service) - those hours will be from 1300 to around 2100 on those days. I'm also bringing my Brompton folding bike so I can enjoy the most of each city. As of right now I'm planning on using AirBnB or locate my accommodations wherever I stay, and the occasional hotel when needed.

I know this is a BIG question - how can I best maximize my time in Munich & Berlin? I'm more than willing to take trains to just about anywhere on the days I'm not working. I'm in good enough shape too where I could ride the Brompton between towns and get to know Bavaria or Berlin through bicycle.

Very curious to hear your perspectives and suggestions. Thanks!


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