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Mailing a Package from Frankfurt Airport

Hello Friends,

I will be traveling to Germany next month and have a package that I would like to mail from Frankfurt Airport to my friend's house in Cologne. I will not be seeing her until 10 days after I arrive in Germany so I'm thinking it would be easiest for me to ship the box ahead rather than carry it to several other destinations. Do any of you know if there is a DHL/post office open (on a weekday) in the airport or train station where I could mail my package once I landed before getting on the train? I believe there was one pre-COVID but not sure if it is open now.

Thanks in advance,

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According to Google, there is a post office at the airport.

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But Deutsche Post says it is located at Frachthof Gebaeude 451, which my google says translates to Freight Yard Building 451..

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My look at the websites for Frankfurt am Main Airport and Deutsche Post tells me that the shop "Press & Books" provides letter and parcel services. Press & Books is listed by Deutsche Post as "Postal retail outlet 635". The shop's location is Terminal 1, Area A, Level 0 in the Airport City Mall, near the airport's regional train station (Regionalbahnhof) in the landside/before-security part of the airport.

For Deutsche Post's Location Finder in English, I entered "Frankfurt Airport" in the blank field at upper-left, and highlighted the button "Postal retail outlet". From the resulting drop-down results, I clicked on "Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Frankfurt Airport-Center" and subsequently clicked on "Postal retail outlet 635." Deutsche Post lists their operating hours as Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm.