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Luggage transfer service

Wondering if there is a service at the Frankfurt main train station where luggage can
be dropped off and transferred to Berlin train station and picked up there? We did this
in Switzerland Basel to Zurich. Thank you!

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I believe German Rail has a luggage delivery service in conjuction with Hermes. It looks like you have to take your luggage to a Hermes packet shop, but it looks like there are a lot of them, at least if not in, near the train stations. Prices start at about 15€. It looks like they will also pickup and deliver to addresses, but that probably costs more. And, it's probably not same day delivery.

I can remember 20 years ago, staying in a Pension in the Oberallgäu where there were a lot of people from the Ruhrgebiet who stayed there for 3 weeks. On Saturday, the lobby was filled with very large luggage pieces with address tags for homes, waiting for the Bahn to pick up. I know that they gave their luggage to the Bahn several days in advance of traveling to the resort area, and. at the end of their stay, their luggage was delivered back to their homes several days after they left.

So,it's something you have to plan for, not a spur of the moment thing.

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"I believe German Rail has a luggage delivery service in conjuction with Hermes"

But the delivery takes two days, so it is unsuitable for spontaneous drop off. The unfortunate answer is: No, there is no such thing at DB.

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Send suitcases with the DB luggage service.
Our partner Hermes will be happy to take your luggage
from you and bring it directly to your destination.
(Use the language select pulldown at top of the page where is says "deutsch").

Luggage transport on a train has never been like it is on an airline, where your bags travel with you on the same plane. In the early 1960s, when I traveled from Seattle to New York for college, I had to take my trunk to the station in Seattle three days in advance to assure that it would be waiting for me in NY when I arrived.

In 1987, I was traveling on a business trip in Germany with my co-worker who had brought his wife. We were in Zweibrücken and the company wanted us to fly on the same day to Hamburg to visit a clinic, then to Munich, to the company's German HQ. My companions didn't want to pay air fare for her to fly with us, so she decided to take the train. The company's country manager, who was with us at the time, suggested that she take all the luggage with her, check it on the train, so we wouldn't be bothered with it on the planes. (Bad idea)

When she got to the Bahnhof, with all of our luggage, she was informed that, if they checked it through, it wouldn't get to Munich for three days. We were scheduled to fly back to the US in two days. So she had to handle all of our luggage, by herself, on the train.