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Luggage lockers at Munich train station

What is the process to use a locker at the Munich Train Station to store my luggage overnight while we take a day trip into Saltzberg. Do I have to reserve a locker at the Munich train station or can I just walk up and get one.

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If you are storing bags overnight, that seems not to be a day trip. But MVV, the Munich transport agency, says lockers at Hbf are maximum of 3 days rental at 3 EUR/day for small lockers and 5 EUR/ day for large lockers. First come, first served, but there are a lot of lockers there. Also available at Ostbahnhof.

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I don't know how the locker situation at the Munich Hbf might have changed since I last used one in 2009, but at that time there was just a room at the north back side of the "shed" of the Munich Hbf (where you come out of the S-Bahn station), full of rows and rows of lockers. There were several different sizes and they all needed coins to work. There was a time limit for use, at least 24 hours, maybe more. Nearby was a Gepäckaufbewahrung (check room) for storing things for longer than the locker time limit.

I was coming in from an eastern suburb, leaving my bag at the Hbf, then going on to the Dachau Memorial, where they didn't have provisions for storing your luggage. After touring Dachau, I returned to the Hbf, retrieved my bag, and went on to Freising for the night, before flying out of MUC the next morning.

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Taking a day trip to Salzburg, you only need to walk up and get a coin locker at Munich Hbf. Be sure you have 2 Euro coins and one Euro coins, no coin changer machine in the locker areas but there is one within the train station premises. The locker itself has storage instructions pertaining to its use. I've stored my luggage all day in the coin lockers, ie, after checking out of the Pension at 10 am, returning at 22:00 hrs or so to pick it up prior to boarding the night train.

Why would you need to store overnight when it is a day trip you're doing?

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I used the Munich train station lockers several years ago. It was easy and there are lots of them to choose from.

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Clarification. So sorry did not explain myself well. After checking out of Hotel our group is taking the train from Munich Station to Salzburg so we women can do the Sound of Music Tour (guys are checking out the city) we will be staying overnight there but don’t want to drag suitcase around (hence train lockers) so just taking our backpacks for overnight in Salzburg as we are going back to Munich the next day to catch a flight to Dublin. All kind of whirlwind And touristy I know but just had to do the Sound of Music Tour!
Just wanted to know how convenient the lockers were and how long we could use them for as this will be the first time using them. Thanks everyone for your helpful responses. Sorry for not being clearer.

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Update August 2022

As of the beginning of August 2022 when my partner and I were there, most of the lockers were broken. About 30% of the lockers were working but full. If there is no light lit up on the locker, it means it's not working. My partner and I lucked out and were able to find a working locker someone had just finished using. Perhaps they've been fixed since that time, but you should call first and/or have a backup option for luggage storage.

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Just wanted to mentioned as well please be carefull because Munich Central is just in the middle of a huge renovation - will go on for several years now I guess. One side of the buildung simply does not exist anymore and this is just the beginning now.
And to be honest regardless what is mentioned in any guide book I would not want to stay in this area in a Hotel or walk arround. It is noisy and much more dirty of course.
Regards Mignon