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Ludwig Castles and nearby - does this itinerary make sense?

We'll be staying with friends in Gilching, about 30 min west of Munich. I'm thinking about a 3 day/2 night loop to visit some sights (and give our hosts a break from houseguests) .... does this seem like a good plan?

Stay in Oberammergau (wood carving shops and museum)

Day one – Drive from Gilching to Weis and on to Oberammergau (visit wood-carving shops and museum)
Day two - tour Ludwig castles (with hike down Pollat Gorge) and Linderhof Palace
Day three - drive to Eibsee for cable up Zugspitz and return to Gilching

Additionally, any recommendations on lodging and food in Oberammergau gratefully received:)

TIA, Alison

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Your 3 day itinerary is moving pretty slow. The distances are not that great in the region.
I'd suggest hurrying up a little and dropping into Austria to see The Alps. Innsbruck's a 2 hour drive or less from Munchen, and they've also got a few cable cars etc. going to the top of the mountain.

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A nice, steady pace, the type I adhere to. Unless you have a strong desire, no need to delve into Austria, there is so much to see and do around this part of Bavaria. On day one you can consider throwing the lovely town of Landsberg am Lech into the equation, though you might catch this with your friends out of Gilching. Day 2 is plenty for me, maybe Ettal Abbey as well (Kloster Hotel across the street has a nice restaurant). Day 3, as well as the Zugspitz, if you like hiking there is Eibsee itself or the two gorges around Garmisch, or the the pretty town of Murnau and it's lake on the way back to Gilching.

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Thanks; I forgot about the G-P hikes.

We're catching Weis earlier, but I'll add Ettal monastery in, too.

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Allison, it's WIES·kirche. Yes the church is white, which is weiß (or weiss), in German, but it is also in a meadow, a Wies. Therefore, it's the church in a meadow - Wieskirche.

In German, the combination 'ei' is pronounced ī (Engllish long i); 'ie' is pronounced ē (English long e).

Actually, the small collection of buildings around the church has the name Wies. Was the village named because it was in a meadow and the church named after the village, or was the site named after the church. For the answer, you'd have to ask someone born in the eighteenth century, but I doubt that anything would exist there today if it weren't for the church.

As for day two, I spent almost an entire day touring Linderhof and its grounds. I don't think you can do both castles and a hike in Füssen AND do Linderhof with any justice.

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You may be able to fit in Neuschwanstein with Linderhof. We spent about an extra hour at Linderhof after the tour. The Weiskirche is beautiful inside if you can fit it in. Oberammergau was disappointing to us. I'd suggest staying in Mittenwald, Fuessen or even Garmisch.

Mittenwald we stayed twice at:

Restaurants in Mittenwald:
Der kleiner Kartoffelsack
Da mamma Luccia

Fuessen we stayed twice at:

Hotel zum Hechten
Gasthof Krone

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Oberammergau is strategically located between Hohenschwangau and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. There are bus connections to both places as well as a short trip to Linderhof. You really don't need a car for this area. I've stayed here twice because of its location.

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Bus connections are pretty much irrelevant as the op says they will be driving. That's why my response is geared toward their method of travel, not a method they are not using. So, I'd still go with Mittenwald, Fuessen or Garmisch. All are more charming than Oberammergau in my opinion.