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Lübeck or Bremen or Kiel

Hi Everyone,

I have 1 day trip from Hamburg in early September, should we go to Lübeck, Bremen or Kiel? I know that each site has such great attraction, just looking for some experienced advice. Thanks.

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I've been to both Lubeck and Bremen. Lubeck has more interesting architecture than Bremen.
I went to Lubeck on a daytrip from Bremen.

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Haven't been to Bremen (although I've supported their soccer team for awhile!). But Lubeck is a beautiful city and well worth a visit.

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I've been to Lubeck and Kiel, not Bremen, but I would choose. Lubeck.

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My preference is Bremen for sure. I think it's prettier and more interesting than Lübeck, personally. But both are excellent choices and better than Kiel.

Is there anything in particular you like to see or do? Have you visited Hamburg or the area before?