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Long weekend ideas from Munich

Hi everyone,

I have a business trip in Munich starting on the 12th of October. I plan to fly in to Munich (arrive the 8th) and spend a long weekend (3 nights) somewhere I haven't been to before. My husband and I have traveled to Germany before, and have spent time in Munich, Salzburg, and have visited Neuschwanstein and Hohenscwangau. In addition, I'll be traveling to Tirol, Austria for 3 nights after the Munich trip.

I'm fine with renting a car. I love local brews, but I'm not into the bar scene - unless I'm in Ireland or England and am at a pub. :) My hobby and passion is photography, so I'm more inclined to stand outside a castle and take pictures of it rather than bother with going inside to look at furniture and artwork (which is exactly what we did at Neuschwanstein). I love walking through villages and enjoying local cafés (and of course, biergartens) and shops. I also enjoy nature, although on this trip I'm somewhat limited as I have a broken toe, thus hiking is not really going to be part of the plan. (I can walk, but hiking will be hard.)

Any suggestions for places to go within a half-day's drive of Munich based on this? Thank you so much in advance!

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I found Regensburg an agreeable city, according to ViaMichelin some 1,5 hrs from Munich.

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Consider Landshut. Its old town is ridiculously colorful even by Bavarian standards. And an intact castle overlooks the most scenic section of the city.

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In addition to above we've found Wasserburg am Inn to be a nice little day trip that is often overlooked.


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Another vote for Regensburg & hope the river cruisers aren't in town.
Not quite furniture/artwork or villages, but the BMW Welt is interesting architecturally and technically a wonder. Great angles inside for photographers.

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Thanks so much for these tips, everyone! These are really helpful. :)

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And if you like nice lakes, there's always my favorite, Tegernsee, not very far from Munich, by train or car.

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I agree with melissa from Austin.

I used to love and always recommend Regensburg but when I was there this Spring I was really overwhelmed by all the river cruisers who not only spoil things when they are there but leave, like snails in the garden, remnants of their impact even after they have left the scene. I was disappointed to see that the attitudes of employees in places I have frequented for years had become so blasé and sort of, "oh well here comes another bunch", like at Disneyland.

If you can go there in the off season maybe after they have forgotten the cruisers it is a beautiful town with great architecture.

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I am going to throw out Dinkelsbühl and Nördlingen. Two very neat walled cities. Nördlingen is almost a perfect circle, it is built in a crater. There is a church that you can climb, although I am not sure how good that would feel with a broken toe, but it is cool. Dinkelsbühl was cool as the buildings are all very colorful.

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I like all the ideas above. Sorry that my favorite Regensburg is a mess in the summer - news to me. I will second Tom's recommendation of Landshut. It has the nicest collection of Baroque facades of any town that that I visited in Germany. I have visited in Advent season and spring, and it was almost void of tourists.

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Landshut is still mostly off the foreign tourist radar, so I think you can visit any time of year without fear. It's one big event, the Landshuter Hochzeit, occurs every four years. Not being on a navigable river will probably keep it relatively safe for a while.

Sorry to hear about Regensburg...that must have happened very recenty, because I attended their wonderful Burgerfest three years ago during the summer, and there wasn't a single cruise ship or tour bus in sight. Sad to see the cruise ships fire a broadside of daytrippers into yet another old town.