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Lake Konstanz in March

Is it worth seeing Lake Konstanz and the surrounding villages in march? I am concerned the weather will be dreary and our time would be better spent elsewhere. Your opinions please

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We just spent 3 weeks in a beautiful town, Überlingen, on the Bodensee. While I loved our time spent there in August, I'm not sure you can guarantee good weather in March. Although in Germany, the southwest corner is statistically the sunniest part of Germany. You would be too early for the major fruit tree blooming display except for the early blooming cherries (the majority of trees that line the slopes along the lake are apple and pear). The extensive vineyards along the lake would just be leafing out. The major ferries (BSB) don't resume their service until the last Friday in March.

If this is part of your long week of driving the new Audi from the factory in Ingolstadt to a ship back port and you are concerned about weather and dreariness you should probably head south of the Alps to the port of Nice. You would have a choice of 2 major driving routes through the Alps. You mention in another post that you've not been to Italy nor France and this route would give you time to explore both and possibly have some non dreary weather.

A long time ago, we picked up a Volvo at the factory in Sweden on the longest day of the year in June and drove it back to the factory to be shipped to California on the shortest day of the year in December. What a contrast! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful adventure no matter where you fill your 9+ day itinerary after picking up your new car. BTW, I'm with Bets in the other post. Avoid the big complicated cities like Paris with a brand new car. We didn't and are glad that we survived the roundabout at the Arc de Triomphe without a scratch!

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Lindau and Friedrichshafen have large enough year-round populations that the towns should be in their usual state of action in March.

As the previous poster noted, this region has the reputation of the "German Rivera". It can get cold in the winter, but winter ends here earlier.

One of the biggest attractions of the lake, however, is the amazing view southwards towards the Alps. March can be overcast, so whether or not the skies will clear during your visit is a matter of luck.

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I've actually spent a week in Konstanz in late March. I was lucky, it was sunny the entire time. I only regretted that I took out the liner of my London Fog jacket and left it in Atlanta. It was breezy near the water. We visited the Insel Mainau (Island Mainau) famous for its gardens. We loved the butterfly house and the other installations. If you're near there, it's definitely worth a visit. They are open from sunrise to sunset every single day. Their website has an English version. By the way, in my experience, you never know in advance if the weather in Germany is going to be fine or dreary, year-round. I've lived there for long stretches....

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Thanks everyone! I think we may skip Lake Konstanz for this trip and go over to Alsace instead.

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Definitely it would be worth visiting Constance, but for a visit in March it simply depends. I have studied there and with a late winter and cold march it can be foggy. If March is warm weather can be beautiful.
And if you go to Constance, don't forget to visit the Reichenau, especially the church in Oberzell with its frescos from the second half of the 10th century.

Also worth to do is a trip with the ferry boat from Constance to Meersburg, which takes about 25 minutes. Meersburg is a nice and little medieval town with a castle and the former residence of the bishop of Constance.