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Lack of Car Leasing in Germany

Hi I am planning a trip to Germany/ France September 2022 and would like to lease a car for 4 people plus luggage. I am finding it difficult for car availability for lease due to leased cars have all been sold during Covid as renting is TO expensive, ANY SUGGESTION of company's anyone on this forum has used that have cars available to lease.

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A lease is a temporary ownership of a car. It is registered in your name. The minimum lease is 21 days. Are you, in fact, looking for a rental? Try AutoEurope.

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Also, where are you planning to go? And will you really need a car? Germany has an excellent network of public transportation that will take you almost everywhere you want to go.

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We leased a car through Renault Euro Drive when we first moved to Europe in 2018. We got a car for 5 months. It was great. They supported us very well when our tire got punctured by a guy on a scooter in central barcelona. Actually that happened twice in 8 days. The car has French plates so we stuck out. You should have no problem in France/Germany. Minimum is 21 days though. You have to be a resident outside of the EU also.

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I contacted the leasing program for July 2022 and they will resume this program in November. We are renting a car for 3 weeks and it was $38 a day. Discover cars

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We just (July-August 2022) leased a Renault through TT Auto in France ( and had a great experience. It was cheaper than renting, a brand new car, great service, etc. We flew into Paris, spent a few days in the city before picking up the car, then picked it up and headed into Germany. We spent our time moving through Germany and Italy and then back up through the French Alps. We returned the car the day before flying home. I can't recommend it enough!

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The OP has never responded and this is their only post. Guess they weren't interested.

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Hi to, all that offered suggestions for my dilemma, the info was most helpful have taken a couple of suggestions on board and now ready to hit Germany France and Portugal. If I didn't have Dicky knees travelling would be much easier everyone that has replied on this forum have great holidays and thankyou thankyou for the heads Up on car rental and leasing. Love Rick Steves Forum.