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Krumpus Run Munich

I am finding two different dates for Krumpus Run in Munich. I found on the internet December 5th or 6th OR Sunday after the 6th of December (the 12th in 2021).
Hotels in Munich are filling up fast for December of 2021.
Hope for vaccines soon.

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We will be in Munich for 3 nights Dec 8-11, 2021 (hopefully) and hotels we've been looking at are wide open and some aren't even taking RSVP yet. Are you speaking just during the time frame of the Krumpus Run? We are planning 3 weeks and Munich is our final stop before heading home (we've been before, and while it's gorgeous architecturally, it's not one of our favorite cities and the Christmas Market isn't good compared to the others throughout Germany, Austria, and France).

Sorry I can't help you with dates, but I certainly hope we are able to travel a year from now.

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Hi. I took the Munich, Salzburg, Venice tour in 2017, and it started on Sun, Dec 10. That was one of the main Krampuslauf days - probably the biggest one. It wound through Marienplatz. I was late for the start of the tour because I wanted to be at that parade. Really, nothing special, I thought now and then, though it was kinda great standing outside Der Alter Peter in the sleet with some locals. Ha, when some youths barged in and stood in front of me, I made clear I had been there first. They were nice enough to move aside.

Now last year, on Dec 5, 2019, I was at the Krampuslauf in Hallstatt. Great fun, more local, not such a big event. The parade in Munich reminded me more of a mini-Mummers parade in Philly - meaning it is orchestrated and there are defined groups that are staged. If you happen to be there, great, but... well, I would not go to the trouble of being there again for the event.

If you really want a Krampuslauf, consider something smaller like Hallstatt. Look for videos on youtube. PS, Krampuslauf is always Dec 5 in Hallstatt.

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Do a Krampuslauf or Perchtenlauf (note spellings) in a small village in Austria rather than in a large city like Munich. Hotels never totally fill up.