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I've just discovered Kromlau, which is northeast of Dresden and appears to be famous for its Rhododendrons and a beautiful bridge.

Anybody here familiar with the area?

It looks beautiful enough to add to a list - if we ever get to return to Germany as Mrs Merkel doesn't want us, but I always wonder if photos are taken out of context. I wouldn't want to go all that way and be let down.

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Can't help with Kromlau, but I see that it's quite near the Spreewald and only about an hour by car (no public-transit link Google Maps knows about) from the stunning town of Görlitz.

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I was a bit underwhelmed with the park except for the blooming rhododendron/azaleas in several areas - it feels like a regular forest mostly. The famous bridge that spans above the little lake is as beautiful as the pictures promise, though.

If you go to the area don't miss the park and chateau Bad Muskau. Stunning, a world-class landscaped park with a beautiful castle (not much of the interior preserved, however.) A ride on the narrow-gauge railway Kromlau - Weißwasser - Bad Muskau is fun, too. There are lots of interesting sites/towns between Dresden and the area, where you could spend a couple of hours if not days: Kamenz, Pulsnitz, convent St. Marienstern, Bautzen ... Görlitz is a bit out of the way.