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Karlsruhe train station

How far are the tracks from the terminal

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It’s not a large train station. Everything is all right there.

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Karlsruhe is a through station - the tracks run right next to the station and continue until the next station in each direction.

The bit of platform and track just outside the station building is very close; trains can be quite long so the bit of platform and track at the distant end of the train can be several cars away, which can be a fair distance.

Are you asking for disabled access, or how to find a particular car on a particular train or for some other reason. A bit more on the question would help us help you more.

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I have 20 minutes too change train for Koblenz and will be using a wheelchair. Will I have time? Dorsey

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let's look in more detail.

My wife is disabled so I understand the concern.

Where is the incoming train coming from and where is the outbound train going?

Are you able to leave the wheelchair to get on and off the train or do you need assistance and a ramp?

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Koblenz station has elevators for moving between platforms (see link at end for station map.)

For advice from us forum members about Koblenz, please provide some information from your ticket or travel itinerary...

  • your arrival track (Gleis, or Gl. in German) number
  • your departure platform number
  • the type of train (ICE, RE, etc.)

For advice - and possibly for individual onsite assistance with your change of train from German Railways...

[email protected]
DB also has a contact phone # for help with "barrier-free travel" at this page:

Koblenz station layout:

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The only direct trains to Koblenz from Karlsruhe during the day are EC6 and EC8, both of which are at Track 3. Even if you arrive at the most distant Track 14, you go to the elevator in the center of the platform, go down to the passageway, go about 200 ft to the elevator for Tracks 3 & 4, take that up to the platform. I am guessing you could do that in 10 minutes, so 20 minutes is a nice cushion.

Do use the email Russ gave you if you feel you need assistance.