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K-D Middle Rhine River Cruise Question

I was looking into a one way cruise from Rudesheim am Rhein to St. Goar. Will a K-D cruise departing from Rudesheim "cross the river" and unload at St. Goar, or does it stay on the north side of the river and you disembark at St. Goarshausen? Just trying to determine if I would need to then take a ferry across the river to reach St. Goar.

Thanks for any help!

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I'm not sure what has been happening recently, considering the low water condition on the Rhein, but historically, the boats have stopped on both sides of the river at St Goar and St Goarshausen.

However, the scedule for 2022 seems to show somewhat less service than in past years. This year the schedule shows the northbound boats that leave Bingen at 9:1 5 and 14:30, only stoping in St Goarshausen. Some people who say the have riden on those boats report that they have stopped at both towns, however, that's just a rumor. The schedule shows the boat ending it's journey in St Goarshausen without going across to St Goar. So, if I were on one of those boats, and it stopped in St Goarshausen, I would stay on the boat until they told me it was the end of the line, rather than getting off and watching the boat go across the river to St Goar.

I don't think I would be too concerned about the actual schedule. If they stop in St Goarshausen, and don't go to St Goar, taking the ferry across to St Goar is not difficult or expensive.

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As Lee says, the 9:15 from Bingen (which is actually the 9:00 from Rüdesheim) and the 14:30 from Bingen (the 14:15 from Rüdesheim) do not stop in St. Goar enroute to St. Goarshausen.

However, recent cruisers on these NORTHBOUND boats have reported that after stopping in St. Goarshausen at 10:45, the boat then crosses the river and stops in St. Goar. This in fact is what's happening. KD Schedule:

Take a look at the SOUTHBOUND boat schedule from St. Goar. In the column on the far left, do you see the 10:55 departure time? And do you see the 10:45 departure from St. Goarshausen just above it in the same column? The same northbound boat that arrives in St. Goarshausen at 10:45 turns around there and becomes a SOUTHBOUND boat - with its first stop in St. Goar.

The 14:15 boat from Rüdesheim does the same thing... ride to St. Goarshausen (16:00) then stay on to make a St. Goar exit (16:10.) Then the boat continues south all the way to Rüdesheim (19:00.)

Can we be sure it's the same boat? Yes. The page below shows which boats and docks are active this week and which not. The 5th row of boxes down addresses the boat in question - the "MS Boppard", which is abbreviated as "BO." And the corresponding routes/schedules are attached to this boat:

On Saturday the 10th, the 16:00 boat from St. Goarshausen is canceled (which means the 16:10 from St. Goar is as well.) "Fällt aus!" means canceled.

On Sunday the 11th, the 9:00 "BO" boat from Rüdesheim is canceled.