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Just another Tuesday?

It felt that way when I woke up. Then I considered the date, and then it dawned on me... it's been 79 years since Tuesday June 6, 1944. Bayeux and Arromanches came into focus... and I remembered chats with my dad about WW II. I almost forgot the date altogether.

Seems to me that as a country, we don't do much to commemorate the events of that pivotal day in Europe's history. Do you other Europe-focused forum-dwellers have any little practices/rituals/routines/celebrations that have become important for your June 6's? I feel I should be doing something to appreciate the enormity of that day.

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I call or visit my dad, who is 100 years old, every holiday that has anything to do with veterans - D-Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day. He served in the signal corps in France. Mostly around Metz. My brother is a veteran of Vietnam and I also call him, he lives to far to visit.

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Yes, we should definitely be mindful of those enormous sacrifices. I like the idea of doing something ourselves to mark the day. I will have to think what that could be.

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Russ, thank you for the reminder. That's a wonderful idea to memorialize and commemorate those events.

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Thanks for reminding us of the significance of this day.

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Our local paper used to at least carry a banner noting the significance of this day. It saddens me to see it increasingly forgotten and neglected. I wonder how many Americans today can even tell you what D Day was?
We owe everything to those who died defending world freedom.

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20 years Army Vet. I've done Staff Rides there. Waded and walked on the beaches. Visited the cemeteries and many unknown battle sites. Been to Sainte-Mere-Eglise. I won't forget, but I'm getting older too. They fought Fascists. I don't hear too much about it here.

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One of the most meaningful and emotional places we have visited was 5 yrs ago. The beaches of Normandy and those surrounding communities that never forget. Walking through the cemeteries of immaculate care of each white crossed gravesite….we thanked a few gardeners. They often stood up and emotionally thanked us also.
Thanks Russ for the reminder of this date! I know we were there in the fall after the 75th anniversary. Nxt year is the 80th. And we have another trip planned there soon after that…again.

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I visited in October 2019 and was very glad I did. At Omaha Beach there was a local school group using the beach to learn how to sail small sunfish-type boats. Our guide told us that D-day veterans who came on his tour a few years earlier were happy to see people using the beach for leisure and enjoyment, telling the guide “That’s part of what we fought for”.

Thank you for the reminder.

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My flag is out. I can tell you the depth of ignorance. When we visited Omaha Beach, one of the middle-aged adults on the tour, said, "so how did the Japanese get over here?"

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" I wonder how many Americans today can even tell you what D Day was?"

Good question, Denny. I did some googling but no answer yet. Bothers me a little that we use "D-Day" to refer to any old deadline... as in, "April 20 is D-Day for planting tomatoes." Just heard that at the nursery two days ago!

@stan: wow, just wow.

But at least your tour companion knew that Japan participated in WW II. I just read the results of a 2018 survey of 1,000 random US adults, conducted by a research outfit called Lincoln Park Strategies.

- 60% did not know which countries participated in WW II.
- 12% said Eisenhower was a Civil War general.

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Well…so many people I know even in my age group…70’s….struggle with both knowing history and geography. My husband and I travelled with our 2 kids thru US for vaca. Lots of National parks. Not a beach locale every year. Did that also…and do understand we all have our own vaca needs and wants and finances. However….Teachers always said that both our kids were first to answer questions on these topics.
Now a big trip with 11 of us..5 kids ages 6-12 to Europe. We are so very blessed…I know this! And these kids are already interested in history, art, geography, culture…etc.
I suppose it comes down to an interest or a desire to understand our history? How do we motivate people to even care about our history? I tend to regard travel as key!

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Facebook Memories reminds me to change my cover photo to one I took at Omaha Beach. I like to think seeing my post reminds others of the significance of the day.

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May I wave my little Canada 🇨🇦 flag for our part on Juno Beach? So many deaths and losses on both sides.
Unfortunately, no mention of it in local (Canada's Capital) or Canada news on or national broadcasting system.

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For sure Canada is included. Saw Juno Beach and Canadian memorials etc…this date needs to be honored there also!

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I've been interested in military history all my life, and I never forget the significance of June 6th. I've had some excellent tours in Normandy, both to Canadian / British and U.S. sites.

I'm watching The Longest Day tonight, as I often do on this day. I had some errands around town today and mentioned D-Day to several people I talked to, but mostly just got blank looks and indifference. I suppose as more time passes, the interest in this will fade.

One other WW2 event that I always remember is The Great Escape, which took place on 24/25 March 1944 (I've toured that historic site also). The escape coincided with another dreadful event that took place in Rome at about the same time.