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June 7 Day Trip in Germany

Hello All!

My wife and I (age 28, 29) are planning a European vacation for the month of June. We have already booked a 7 Day Danube river cruise but want to travel around Germany before we cruise and visit Prague after the cruise. The cruise starts in Budapest on June 9th and travels the Danube to end in Nuremberg on June 16th. On the cruise we are visiting Budapest, Bratislavia, Vienna, Durnstein, Melk, Passau, Regensburg, and Nuremberg. We are going to leave the US on Monday, June 2nd and arrive in Germany on June 3rd. We would like to hit the highlights of Germany and specifically the region of Bavaria in particular. Some of our must sees are Munich, Neuschwanstein castle, and Rotenburg. Other than that, we would love to see other castles, maybe Salzberg, Austria or any other spectacular places. We are open to flying into either Munich or Frankfurt as long as we end in the trip in a city that has an airport that will fly us to Budapest. My initial thoughts were to follow Rick Steve's 7 Day itinerary. It is

3 days: Munich, Bavarian castles
5 days, add: Rhine Valley, Rothenburg
7 days, add: More of Bavaria and Tirol, side-trip to Salzburg

However, I am having a hard time planning this out. We were trying to see if we could use trains or buses for all of our travel. But if renting a car is faster and easier, I can do that as well. If anyone has a workable 1 week schedule for Germany, please let me know!



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Hi John-

it looks like you only have 5 nights to explore Bavaria, Tuesday ( 3 June) through Saturday( 7 June). This assumes you want to spend Sunday night ( 8 June) in Budapest. First, there is a train that leaves Munich at 9:34 AM and arrives in Budapest at 16:49 on June 8 with no changes. The first class fare for 2 people totals 134 € if you buy in advance (now). Of course you are locked in to that train but you need to get to Budapest about that time anyway.

I would suggest that when you get off of the plane Tuesday morning in Munich that you immediately pick up a rental car at the Munich airport and drive to Fussen. Spend Tue and Wed night in Fussen. You will probably be jetlagged on Tuesday so don't plan on doing much that day except exploring Fussen. Go to the castles on Wed. Then drive to Rothenburg on Thur and spend the night there. You could check out Linderhof Palace and /or Wieschurch on the way to Rothenburg as it is usually less than a 3 hour drive from Fussen to Rothenburg. Friday drive back to Munich (again less than 3 hours) and spend Fri and Sat night there before catching the train to Budapest on Sunday. Turn in the car on Friday because a car in Munich is usually a liability and the transportation system in Munich is world class. That's about all the time you will have to get a taste of Bavaria. Unfortunately 5 days isn't very much time for Bavaria...Have a good trip and don't drink and drive- the laws are very strict.

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To elaborate on Kenneth's very good answer above, can I suggest that I agree that you will be jetlagged - although by not completing your profile we have no idea what part of the globe (although in your OP you limit it to the US) you will be arriving from, nor how long your flight(s) will be - and that driving jetlagged is about the same as driving drunk.

The train from Munich airport to Fuessen is really easy, just an easy change in Munich Hbf and straight on for Fuessen, which has the station right in the centre of town and good easy bus links.

If you take the bus over to the castles you will avoid the very high parking fees and finding your car; the bus is really easy.

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Hello again,

I will be leaving from Memphis, TN on June 2nd and arriving around 9:00 AM local time on June 3rd if we fly into Frankfurt. I was hoping to catch some sleep on the plane but will certainly take your advice about the jet lag. We actually will be flying into Budapest from Munich on June 9th as there is a flight at either 9:00 AM or around noon, so we will have June 8th available for sightseeing in Munich. The reason we are flying is because when booking online in connection with my overseas flight it only added about $100 USD per person. So here are my thoughts now.

June 3rd - Train/Drive to Wurzberg (Is it worth staying the night here?) or Rothenburg
June 4th - Tour Rothenburg, Stay the night here
June 5th - Drive To Fussen, See the castles, Stay the night
June 6th - Go to the Zugspitze, Stay the night in Fussen
June 7th - Go to Munich, Drop off car
June 8th - Munich
June 9th - Fly to Budapest

How does this look? Am I missing something obvious? I would love to hear some more thoughts!


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From the looks of it, it seems doable but I wouldn't add anything else since you won't have much more time.