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journey from Memmingen - Bruck Fusch

Journey from Memmingen to Zell am See; Changes: 3x; Dur: 05:38

Hi Forum users, I am travelling with cabin trolleys with 3 children and a son aged 18 on the above trip. The connection are as below:
1) RB 57527
Dep 13:07 Memmingen, Platf. 3
Arr 13:52 Buchloe, Platf. 3

2) RE 3167
Dep 14:22 Buchloe, Platf. 2
Arr 15:08 München Hbf Gl.27-36, Platf. 32

3) walk 10 minutes

4) RJ 69
Dep 15:34 München Hbf, Platf. 11
Arr 17:02 Salzburg Hbf, Platf. 4

5) REX 1512
Dep 17:08 Salzburg Hbf, Platf. 1
Arr 18:45 Zell am See, Platf. 3

Earlier in the day, i will have travelled from Leicester- lon. Std and with Ryanair from London Stansted- Memmingen before this journey.
Then I will be travelling on the above journey is the 3/6 legs of journeys staring midnight on 22/05 from Leicester to Bruch fusch.
So, having seen the above, I would like to know, if there's anything to be particularly taken care off. I have only read the station plan for Munich. But in there, everything is written in German, so...I struggle to understand what's most important to make the tight connections, so that we don't miss trains and lose money; especially the connection in Salzburg which is about 6 min only!!!!

I would also like suggestions to do something, in the 2 hr slot from 9.50- 12.30, once we land in Memmingen. Any cheap takeaways to eat on the train later??? Where would you plan to stop and buy/ eat with family - 'halal' food consumers. ????

Should I purchase a Bavarian lander ticket just to travel to memmingen train station via Memmingen local town centre) ( or taxi for 5 people?).
Actually, my plan was to collect some fruits and other groceries for 6 days as I am heading to a self- catering summer camp in Bruck Fusch, (Sport Worlfgut) with my children in small quantities as I want to travel as light as possible to allow the train transfers swiftly with the two younger children aged 11 & 9, God willing, (in sha Allah)

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There are buses from Memmingen airport to Memmingen Bahnhof. Not sure if the Bayern-Ticket would be valid for the bus, but individual tickets would probably cost less.

There is probably a food kiosk in the Bahnhof at Memmingen, but I don't know if the food would be appropriate for you. There are a number of restaurants in the area near the Bahnhof. There is a ReWe market 400 meters south of the train station.

Next stop (for half an hour) is in Buchloe. Same thing. Probably a food kiosk but maybe not the right food.

You'll come into Munich in the Starnberger Flügelbahnhof (wing station on the north side of the main station). Departure is track 11, across the open shed from track 32. You'll pass is a huge food court in the Munich Hbf. They have a great variety, but finding the food you want might be difficult.

In Salzburg, you won't have time to find food. Platf 1 and 4 will be connected by a tunnel. The time should be enough if you are ready to get off the train when it stops and go directly to the stairs, go down the tunnel, find the sign for platform 1 and go directly to the train.

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Thanks for the reply,
What time does bus service in the day from airport to city centre. I wouldn't visiting the city centre and walking 5 minutes to the train St.

And, from the forum, I gather, The bus ride with the bus lines 810/811 or 2 costs €2.50 and takes about 10 min.

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Alright, either its a bus/ taxi whichever is available will reaches us to memmingen town centre in 15/20 mins.

And there are many suggested above. So eating will kill our time. And then small shopping for fesh fruits, frozen ready pizzas and bread.

  1. Is there anything particular nice to visit, time permitting.


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Here is the bus schedule from Allgaeu airport to Memmingen train station. Notice that it states Bayern Ticket (Laender ticket) is not recognized, so you will have to buy tickets. Prices are shown.äu-Airport-2015.pdf
It seems that if you land on time at 9:50, you could make the train leaving at 11:07.
Have you purchased your train tickets from Memmingen to Bruck-Fusch? If not there is a possibility to travel by two separate "Laender" tickets. The first is the Bayern Ticket that will take you as far as Salzburg for 28 euro. Once in Salzburg, you can travel to Bruck-Fusch with an "Einfach Raus" Ticket which costs 36 euro.
One of the restrictions of these tickets is only local trains, no fast trunk line trains. Your current itinerary shows you on the Railjet train from Munich to Salzburg. You could not use this train, but you could use the Meridian train, which is slower and makes more stops.
If you got the earlier train, you would have over an hour in Salzburg. There is a "Spar" market about 250 meters from the back side of the station on Paracelsusstrasse. I mention this as I can't imagine making the fast connections with young children, luggage, AND a weeks worth of groceries. This would get you to your destination at the same time as your original itinerary.

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Have you purchased your train tickets from Memmingen to Bruck-Fusch?

Yes Sam, unfortunately, I have already got the tickets and some reservations for £72:00 if I remember correctly.

From your reply, I have to just try to manage those tighter connection. If I miss, I will have to buy the tickets, whatever the price on the day. ...I have to keep that I mind. .
Thanks again for your detailed replies.

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In Memmingen, since you are arriving Saturday, there is an open air market in the center of town (Marktplatz) with local produce. Looks like a 500 m walk. There is an Aldis grocery store about 1 km north of the station on the other side of the railway tracks. The back of the store is by the railway tracks. There are lockers in the station if you don't want to drag luggage around. You might want to just pick up enough food for Saturday and Sunday. There is a Billa grocery store in Bruck-Fusch you can go to on Monday. I'm afraid halal food might be hard to find anywhere except Munich, and you will only be there a short time to change trains. Maybe bring along some special items with you.