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Itinerary for April visit!

Hi Everyone!
I bought my RS Germany book and have done alot of reading/studying for my upcoming trip this April.

Arrive in Frankfurt 9:45am on the 11th
Rent Car
Drive Romantic Road ...stop in Wurzburg on the way
Sleep 2 nights in Rothenberg 11th and 12th
Drive to Munich, sleep 2 to 3 nights 13th, 14th, 15th (I would like feedback on staying in Munich the extra night and day tripping to Salzburg or sleeping in Salzburg)
Drive to Fussen, sleep 2 nights, 16th & 17th do Kings Castles.
Drive to Friedburg Sleep 1 night, 18th Do clock museum, Triberg Waterfall & maybe open air museum but mostly clock museum
Skip Baden Baden (No interest in baths or casino and want extra time elsewhere)
Drive the farthest to Rhine Valley, sleep 2 nights in Bacharach 19th & 20th , do Rhine River Koblenz to Bingen area
Drive to Cochem Sleep 2 nights 21st & 22nd to do the Mosel River area...see Burg Elz Castle and Trier priority...if time see Belstein and Cochem Castle. (like feedback...should we just start in Bacharach and drive to Mosel ...I thought to get to Trier which has a lot of things to do there it would be better to be closer, my husband is questioning cause its not that far he thinks)
Drive up to Cologne, see Cathedral on 23rd then and this is where I want more feedback....
I love love the flowers in Amsterdam's Keukenhof Gardens
which are only open a short time each year. I have seen them once. 7 million flowers in one place! So....I could take an Easy Jet or Ryanair type plane to Amsterdam from either Frankfurt or Cologne...get to Amsterdam airport and from there you just take a bus to the up the flowers, sleep 1 night in Amsterdam back on the 24th and sleep at Frankfurt Airport Hotel..leave at 10:30am on the 25th of April.
Do another day on the Rhine
Do 2 days for Salzburg instead of 1.

Any opinions and feedback is welcomed. I know this community of travelers are knowledge and as enthusiastic as I am about traveling in Europe!
Thanks in Advance

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