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Itinerary advice for June 2020 Netherlands/Germany

I am trying to plan a 15-17 day trip for the last week of June 2020 through first part of July. It will be 3 older teen daughters and 2 parents for my daughter's grad trip. She has requested seeing Amsterdam, Germany including Berlin and Munich (but also scenic parts) and possibly a 3rd location. I am travelling from the San Francisco area. Any help with itineraries would be appreciated. We could fly between places and also rent a car. I am not too interested in driving long distances since our time is somewhat limited. Or it you have other suggested itineraries in the region, any thing is appreciated! thanks Laura

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I prefer the Netherlands to Germany but thought Oberammergau was charming. I also enjoyed Berlin and Potsdam.
From Amsterdam you can easily visit Haarlem, The Hague, Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam. Stay in the pretty, historic Central Canal district in Amsterdam. Take a canal cruise, AnneFrank House( get tickets ahead), Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum( buy tickets to both ahead online.)

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To help us make better recommendations... What are the interests of your teen daughters? History? Music? Dance? Castles? Nature? Why did the graduating daughter pick Amsterdam and Germany?

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With all the access to info on cell phones and youth walking around like zombies staring at them your daughter or daughters all should do some research and decide where to go based on their own interests. I travel with young folk and find when they input the trip is more balanced. They go to school and forced to learn history and arts etc, so this is good way to put that to use

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Consider staying in Haarlem rather than Amsterdam. 15 minutes away and cheaper

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My graduation present was $50. Lucky grads today. A'dam isn't the poor-man's paradise it was for me at 20 - you should find Germany easier on the wallet. If you travel between Berlin and Munich, don't waste your time - skip the whole flying mess - board one train in Berlin at 8 and you'll be in the heart of Munich by noon.

"Or it you have other suggested itineraries in the region, any thing is appreciated!"

A lot of my fellow countrymen head to Berlin - where their itinerary highlights include the Wall, Hitler's Bunker, the Topography of Terror... then they move on to the Third Reich tour, the Documentation Center and Dachau in Munich - maybe with an outing to the Eagles Nest. (They probably stopped in at the Anne Frank House as well if they were in A'dam.)

Give Germany credit for honesty about its Nazi past! But I question the wisdom of building a trip around the limitations of US school lessons on German history - which focus almost exclusively on this period alone. "Using" one's old lessons to repeat that history ad nauseum isn't very creative or exploratory. If you hope to return home with a more accurate picture of Germany, there is ample opportunity, both in Berlin and Munich, to learn about OTHER important historical periods that you are probably less familiar with.

And of course there are other PLACES where you can get a feel for Germany and its history besides two of its biggest WW II bombing targets. It's often the smaller places where this is true - so it may be wise to spend 1/3 to 1/2 your time outside the big metropolises. Below are some ideas for places not too far from the Netherlands. Most places are accessible by train.

1.) Upper Middle Rhine Valley (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) - Close to NL, under 4 hours by train from A'dam. Germany's most scenic train ride - think river cruising, medieval castles, wineries...

Between Koblenz and Bingen - yellow segment on this map.
West ("left") bank Rhine towns/castles
Marksburg Castle in Braubach

2.) Trier and the Mosel Valley

Trier sights and more

3.) Old-world "Half-timbered House" routes

4.) The German Castle Road

5.) The German Fairy tale Route

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See how much she actually cares about Munich. Without Austria, I wouldn't waste time in that direction. Exactly why did she name it? Oktoberfest? Museums? Palaces?