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Is the Schluxen Unterpinswang Austria

It is my understanding that Karin and Manfred have elected not to renew their lease of the Schluxen in wife and I were there 5 years ago when they were moving in and again a couple of times since then. We are planning another trip in October and we are wondering if they will be open then. Emails to the Schluxen inquiring have not been answered. We have stayed there five times and would not want to miss the opportunity again...great food, horses, cows, chickens, VIEWS, location, doesn't get any better.

We REALLY liked when Herman was managing, more like a King Ludwig Hunting Lodge...but Karin and Manfred are great people.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks for Central Florida USA.

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I thought I answered this, but don't see the answer saved. We have heard that new management is planning to make some changes at the Schluxen and perhaps make an "exclusive" hotel with riding school, if I remember correctly. Our Family-friendly tours are reserved there through August, but I don't think we've tried for any September bookings.

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Thank you very much for the information. I would hate to see the Schluxen be exclusive to horse and my wife have stayed there on five different occasions dating back ten years and we really enjoy the back to nature aspect. The first time we visited there were deer and "on your honor" drink machines, "stuffed" animals etc...what a great experience.

My wife has sent an email regarding reservations for October but have not gotten a response. Do you have any ideas of how to proceed to find out if they are booking for that time frame?

PS..luv the Rick Steves shows and books(bought many!)...just wish he would revisit the Germany/Austria area. It is so fun, interesting and different from the USA!

Thank you for your response.


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I emailed the Schluxen and asked if they were taking reservations for October. I received a response yesterday. The current owners sold the property and will close the doors on 09.30.14. The staff will be moving to their new hotel.

There was no information whether someone else will reopen the venue. This is really sad. We have stayed there 5 different times and enjoyed the stays so much.

I will continue to research and update if I find out anything new.


We stayed there last month and we had a wonderful time. Everything about the hotel is just as you had mentioned. We appreciated the coloring books in our room for the kids to unwind after a long day of sightseeing and walking. Manfred and his staff work hard to make their guests feel welcomed and relaxed. It's my understanding that they are moving to a bigger establishment in September. The new hotel, Naturhotel Lechlife, is in Waengle and is approximately 10 minutes away from Schluxen. You can check out for more information. Have a great trip!