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Is Museum Pass Berlin worth buying?

Has anyone used the Museum Pass Berlin? It's recommended in Rick Steves' Germany book and it sounds like a great deal because we are museum junkies. However, I read a detailed post on TripAdvisor by a tourist who had trouble getting admitted to several museums -- even though the pass brochure stated that the pass covered that museum. Sometimes he was turned away because the museum was showing a special exhibit and the pass doesn't cover special exhibits. He was told that the special exhibit items were mingled with the regular collection so they wouldn't let him in. When he offered to pay the extra fee for the special exhibit, they tried to charge him the full entrance fee. This post was from 2011. I am wondering if any recent travelers to Berlin had trouble using the pass and if you think it's worth it. Thank you for your help.

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I was in Berlin last summer and used the museum pass without any problems and it was definitely worth it. It's hard to predict which museums will have special exhibits and whether or not the pass will cover them. All the museums I went to accepted the pass but it's possible that some might opt out of the pass without too much notice so you need to do your homework.

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Nancy, thank you for your reply. It's good to know that you didn't have any problems with the pass.

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We were in Berlin in February, and got the Museum pass at the airport information kiosk. You do have to validate the pass before using, which the guard told us in German/ English that we had to locate a trolley and validate it like a bus pass. They don't stamp it at the museum desk or ticketbooth (go figure).

We got the 3 day pass and while we are not junkies, it was more of a value incentive as we could use it any 3 days to our leisure.

PM me if you have questions on Berlin. LOVED that city, and loved the Turkish street food and currywurst.