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Is May 29, 2014 holiday in Germany?

I will be arriving in Munich on May 29,2014, but heard it is a holiday. What should I expect to be closed, and what things will I be able to visit?

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I was in Bavaria on May 17, 2012 (Ascension Day). Buses were running on a holiday schedule, school was out, and a few stores were closed, but other than that, all was pretty normal. Later that month, May, 28, 2012, was Whit Monday, a three day weekend holiday. I was fortunate to find a room. I was in Dresden, and it was packed.

So I would suspect that May 29 this year will be a little difficult (holiday schedules), but not too bad. June 9, on the other hand, will be more difficult.

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Holidays in Germany mean that some stores and non-tourist related businesses are closed. Government and schools are out. Restaurants, hotels and cultural/historic sites usually remain open. Public transport operates at reduced schedule, which means fewer trains and buses run during the usual heavy commuting hours. If you need to contact an insurance broker, or buy furniture on 29 May, you'll be out of luck. But if you just want to visit museums or Biergartens, you'll be fine (provided the museum in question isn't normally closed on that day anyway).