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Is it possible to take a guided tour of the Deutsches Schaupielhaus in Hamburg?

Hi all,

I will be traveling to Hamburg in May of 2023. We really enjoy guided tours, and have lined a few up already.

We were wondering if it is possible to take a guided tour of the Deutsches Schaupielhaus in Hamburg.

I would appreciate any information folks might have about this.

Thank you,

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That's just two to three doors from my hotel.

The Deutsches Schauspielhaus located on Kirchenallee, is directly opposite of Hamburg Hbf (central station.) when you take the Kirchenallee exit from the Hbf. This is merely one of the important cultural sites as Hamburg is the cultural center of North Germany.

There is a guided tour, a "hinter die Kulissen" (behind the scenes) type of tour, given in German , and since it's Hamburg, obviously, in English too.

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Hi Fred,

Thank you so much for your reply! Wow, right across from your hotel!

The backstage tour you mentioned sounds interesting, but my husband and I are more interested in a tour that covers the beautiful, ornate performance hall.

Are you aware of any such tour?

Thank you very much,
Virginia Hyde

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@ Virginia....I don't know for sure but am assuming that the guided tours offered at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus would include information that covers the architecture and all that pertaining to the Schauspielhaus itself. Since this is located a minute from my hotel on Kirchenallee, I should take this tour myself.

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@ Virginia...part 2 here. You're welcome.

If you are staying in Hamburg with time more or less to spare, numerous day trips are logistically feasible, ie within 1.5 hours. One such trip I would recommend dep from Hamburg Hbf is going to Schwerin, a direct shot going east into Mecklenburg.

I use the advantage of Hamburg Hbf as the junction point in North Germany in whichever direction, especially going north into Schleswig-Holstein, should you be interested in seeing small cultural and historic towns, such as Husum, Eutin, etc between Hamburg and and the Danish border.. Now for that purpose, I prefer staying in Kiel.

If you want to see the main shopping district in Hamburg, it's the U-Bahn stop after Landungsbrücken from Hamburg Hbf.

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Please don't take this as a criticism, just friendly, helpful advice. You might find searches more productive if you spell the name of the object correctly, as several respondents have done obove. Schauspielhaus. Spiel is a "play" in Geman, and, of course, Haus is a "house". So a playhouse is a Spielhaus.