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Covid protocols for connecting flights in Frankfurt

Does anyone know if you need to go through any more covid testing or screenings when making a connecting flight? We fly from Seattle to Rome on Lufthansa in September with a 65 minute layover in Frankfurt where we have to make a connecting flight and we’re worried that when we land we would have to go through further screening which would cost us any spare time we would have to get to our connecting flight. We are both fully vaccinated but we have not traveled during covid and we’d like to be prepared for anything. Thanks in advance for any help.

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I doubt anyone can tell you what the protocols will be 2 weeks from now, let alone 2 months. All you can do is monitor your airline's websites as well as the German and Italian covid websites.

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I am currently in Florence and needed a test to take a bus to enter Italy from France 3 days ago. A lot could change by September but in your case I'd plan on getting a test 48 hours before your flight from the USA to complement your proof of vaccination; nothing to it. The Italian Border Patrol actually entered the bus at the border (like they use to many years ago) and collected all of the passports and EU resident cards and then came back with them 20 minutes later we were on our way. Italy is protecting the people.

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No. Came through FRA on Jul 23rd and didn’t have any screening done at the airport. No checks at immigration or on my connecting flight to Warsaw. In fact, LH handed out paper forms since lots of folks hadn’t filled out the Poland entry form