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ingolstadt or elsewhere?


We will be in Munich for a week at the beginning of August. We have been to Munich a couple of times already. We are planning an overnight to Garmisch and a day trip to Nuremberg.

We have three days in Munich and may want to make one more close day trip... any ideas? We have been to Dachau Neuschwanstein and Salzburg. Looking at 1:30 on the train or under, Munich outskirts good too... we like beer, wandering around, some museums/castles, biking - really anything interesting.

Saw a list that mentioned Ingolstadt... anyone have experience? Or maybe another idea of somewhere semi-close to go?

Kim :)

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I lived in the region for 20 years. Ingolstadt is an industrial town (home of Audi; interesting car museum, but not comparable to the BMW museum in Munich) with a small historical core with castle and cathedral, both interesting but not spectacular. Very interesting is the church Maria de Victoria with a huge ceiling painting by Cosmas Damian Asam.

Personally, I would travel about 20 minutes farther, either to Neuburg an der Donau or to Eichstätt. Both are hidden gems, former "capitals" of small territories of the "Holy Roman Empire" and appropriately endowed with prestigious architecture. Besides, the museum at the castle in Eichstätt houses a good fossilization of an archeopteryx.

You can also combine the two cities, as there are a few direct buses a day between the two (timetable here, unfortunately only incompletely shown in the DB app). For example, you could visit Neuburg/Donau in the morning (change in Ingolstadt), then take the bus to Eichstätt, and from there take the train back to Munich in the evening. There are also train connections with a transfer in Ingolstadt.

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We spent two days in Ingolstadt in May. We enjoyed our stay in the Altstadt center. We did visit the Asamkirche Maria De Victoria and enjoyed the artifacts as well as the decorations. The Kreuztor (Cross Gate 14C) was an interesting sight. Ingolstadt bills itself as the home of Frankenstein; a google with clarify that better than I.

I believe that Landshut is a bit closer to Munich and we liked it better. There were several building facades from 15C & 16C decorated with colored brick that were attractive to my taste. We also liked the river walks and enjoyed the walk up to the castle. The tower of St Martins Church (14-15C) is said to be the tallest brick structure in the world. Mainly I really enjoyed exploring the town on foot.

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Thank you I will look into those for sure!! :)

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Landsberg am Lech, Bad Tolz and Murnau are all small, pleasant towns about an hour away. They all have compact, attractive centres. The first two have river walks, the latter has Staffelsee close by.

Diessen for breakfast and a waterfront stroll, boat to Herrsching and onto Andech Monastery. Back to Munich.

Short trip to Starnberg and take a boat ride, or walk to Berg (where Mad Ludwig met his unfortunate end). There is a very nice beer garden at the waterfront in Berg.

A slight bit further, but worth it, a train to Prien, then onto Chiemsee for the palace and abbey islands.