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Identifyong modern outdoor statue in Munich created before 1962

I have a photo, black & white, taken by my mother when she and I were in Munich in February, 1962. I wish to identify this statue as I have no information about it and I like it very much. I will describe it:

The statue is on a square platform about 6-8 feet high in a park and the statue, itself, is perhaps 20 feet tall. It is of an individual person, I think of it as a male, standing with most of his weight on his right foot, as though he is completely covered in a huge, smooth cloak, and with his head bent down as though he is looking toward the ground about 4 feet ahead of him. His arms appear as though they might be holding cloak around himself. He might be thought to be meditating.

Does anyone resonate with this description? I would really like to know about this statue after all these years.

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I don't know the statue, but I'm going to be in Munich in about two weeks, so I'll keep my eyes open. Can you describe the background a little more? Wide open park or a small green space with buildings close by? If you can see buildings, do they appear to be post-war modern types, or something more traditional? Any clearly identifable landmarks in the back ground, like the Frauenkirche or Olympic Tower?

EDIT: Oh, 1962... No Olympic Tower yet...