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Ideas for a road trip in Germany or Italy final destination Prague?

We are doing a river cruise land and river starting in Prague. Before joining the tour in Prague, I have given thought to flying into Frankfurt and driving part of the Romantic Road from Frankfurt to Munich, turn in the car and taking a bus or train to Prague. Another thought fly into Munich and just explore Munich then bus or train to Prague? Another thought fly into another German city explore, work my way to Prague? Another thought fly into Milan explore the coast of Italy or fly into Venice and then go to Munich. Just looking for ideas and anyone that has experience with any trip like any of these thoughts. Time is not an issue, but want to keep the costs inline.

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"Another thought fly into another German city explore, work my way to to Prague?"

How about flying or taking the train to Berlin, spend a few days there or a week or so since time is not the main issue. From Berlin you can take the EC train direct to Prague in 4+ hrs. That way you end up seeing Berlin and don't have to take that DB bus from Munich or Frankfurt to Prague, if you prefer a train. There's nothing unsatisfactory with that DB bus.

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George, for a Canadian that is kind of a rude response! Yes we are going to take this trip, just want to gather all the good information from experienced travelers like yourself.