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how much does it cost to go to germany from california?

i just want to visit the porsche museum in stuttgart and maybe stay for like 3 days how much would it cost?
any veteran discounts?

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This is a challenging question to answer because there are a variety of roundtrip flight prices available and airlines change their prices often depending on the season and demand. Sometimes airlines have sales.

To get a sense of airfares, you can go to Google flights and put in the departure city and the arrival city and a possible date. It will list current prices for several airlines. When it comes to buying the actual ticket, make sure you purchase through the airline itself and not a secondary marketer.

You could get a sense of hotel prices by going to and putting in your destination and dates.

Another factor to consider is any travel restrictions that may currently be in place in any country you plan to visit in addition to those for returning to the US. I hope you have a great trip.

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Predicting airfares is tricky, but using a search engine will at least give you an indication of the price. There is an airport in Stuttgart, but another option is to fly to Frankfurt and then take the train the last bit to Stuttgart. Frankfurt is Germany's largest airport (and one of the largest in Europe) with direct flights to many US cities.

The Porsche museum offers discounts to pensioners.

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what it costs now when you can't go will probably be a different price from when you can go

no discounts for US veterans.

If you are flying 6,000 miles to see a museum and 6,000 miles back I'm surprised that a couple of Euro possible discount would really enter into the decision making....

Interesting first post.

Hello back at you...

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Here is a good place to research flights.
Check the price of flying to Frankfurt and proceeding by train vs flying to Stuttgart. Some airlines (Lufthansa for one) will sell you a flexible round trip train ticket for cheap from Frankfurt airport train station to wherever you want to go in Germany.

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I couldn’t imagine flying to Europe just to see a car museum, but it’s your trip. If you have time, take in some other sights, cities, or towns to get more bang for your buck. If you could fly there now, you could get good airfare prices, but when we’ll be able to travel again, prices will no doubt go up. From the east coast during normal times, prices vary significantly depending on a number of variables: airport, connections, airline, time of day, day of the week, which day you’ll return, class ( basic economy, economy, business, first), time of year, etc. About the only discount you might possibly be able to get is a senior/pensioner discount. At the Porsche museum that would save you 5€, but the website doesn’t give a qualifying age to get the discount. Normal adult entrance fee is 10€. In addition to the airfare, don’t forget to include what your lodging and other transportation costs might be. Again, plenty of variables. In short, your question is impossible to answer, especially since nobody can travel anyway.

While in Stuttgart you may as well visit the Mercedes museum.

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Willharris- I just ran a sample trip for 3 nights in September on Expedia, with air.. Choosing their air and hotel option aka packages. Now I wouldn’t book through Expedia but I do use the site at times to get a feel of pricing. You can potentially save money booking air fare directly with the airline (my preference) and shopping around for hotels.

Price: about $1000 dollars US....and upward. Plus local transport, food, parking at SFO etc.

Now if Germany will be open in September is a whole other question.

As for traveling for a single museum— works for me. I’ve taken long weekend trips to see an Exhibit in London at the National Gallery...and I’ve flown to Paris just to clear my head inside the Louvre for a few days.

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If you're a retired vet you can always travel space a.

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I can't help you much with cost estimates, but once everything is open again, I recommend booking a spot on the Porsche Factory tour in German or English while you are there to visit the Museum.

The factory and museum are located in Zuffenhausen, next to Stuttgart. You can also rent a Porsche for the day at the museum via the Porsche Drive program. As someone else mentioned, the Mercedes museum is close by and worth a visit.

Munich has the BMW museum and factory. Visit Ingolstadt or Neckarsulm if you are into Audis.

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KGC - yes space A available is an option for retirees if you can get a flight out from the east coast which is more difficult to do than from Whidbey Island for example. There’s also no guarantee you’ll get a flight to the location you want to get to, or you’ll need to take a circuitous route to get to it. For example, some friends of ours who live in the Seattle area wanted to go to Rota, Spain. They caught a flight to the east coast, but then had to go to Iceland, then Crete, before getting to Rota. Fortunately, both are retired and time wasn’t an issue. To fly space A you need to have time and some patience. On a good note, most flights to Germany go to Ramstein which isn’t terribly far from Stuttgart.

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Some airlines (Lufthansa for one) will sell you a flexible round trip
train ticket for cheap from Frankfurt airport train station to
wherever you want to go in Germany.

"for cheap" = 30€. It's called "Rail & Fly" The full fare for the ICE from FRA to Stuttgart Hbf is 61,10€, so it's a pretty good deal. A Saver Fare would be almost as good at 29,90€, but it's only valid for the specified train. If the flight is late and you miss that train, your Saver Fare ticket is no good. With Rail & Fly, you can use the ticket any time on your day of arrival or the following day.

I think you have to book Rail & Fly at the time you book your flight tickets; there is a place on the Lufthansa website to select Rail & Fly.

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Funny side story to that question:
"Kalifornien" (German for California) is already located in Germany at the Baltic Sea coast. It is directly located near "Brasilien" (German for Brasilia). Google Maps.

Of course no real answer to the question.

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It has been 5 days since will harris 75 posted his one and only post and he has never been back. I'm guessing we will never know any more details....

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Dear Will, I understand the budget travel, most on this site must have unlimited funds, or never have struggled in life. You are on the right site to understand how to travel, great information here. You need to study how to use Subways and trains, they are your best friend. Every trip I make I make a step by step intereary. What I mean is picture in your mind each step it takes to go any place,
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map out each day, what you want to do, what does each thing cost, Most expensive in order 1. Airline Ticket, 2. Hotel, 3. Food, 4. transportation, 5. Entertainment.
This will give you within a few dollars the cost.
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