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How do we get from Frankfurt airport to Trier for the tour?

Thinking of doing the Germany, Austria, Switzerland tour next year in late August. We have noted that the tour actually starts in Trier, but we fly into Frankfurt. I am sure someone has done this tour this year and I suspect RS will give us instructions when we receive our travel packet, but I would like to know NOW how one gets from point A to point B. I would like to know this before we sign up as I like to know way ahead what I will be doing. I had to do all this on my own when we made a trip to Italy a few years ago and it was hard, so any information I could get now would certainly put my mind at ease that we can do it! Did you contact the hotel yourself for an extra night? I suspect that name will be in the packet so there is time to do this? All the blogs I have read indicate arriving a day early is the way to go so to ease the jet lag issues. Also wondered how you proceeded with the airfaire part of the trip since it will be multi-city flying. Any suggestions on airlines? In just looking around now the prices are all over the place, but seem really high. $1700 on one sight. Does this seem rather high and what is the ballpark figure for flying. We would be leaving from Dayton, Ohio. I would appreciate any info I can get regarding these two matters as we decide what we are going to do. I would like to book this as soon as I feel comfortable with the point A to B issue and a better idea of the airlines best to use.

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What is your travel date?

I'd fly into LUX - I've done so myself previously, and it's a much, much simpler airport to come and go from. Luxembourg central train station is less than 1 hour from Trier by direct train. A local bus takes you from LUX to Luxembourg central station. FRA is about 3 hours from Trier and will involve changes of train.

SAS has recently offered discounted flights into LUX, by the way.

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I like the idea of Lux. Where are the local buses located at the Lux? Do they run regularly to Trier and can I look now and see what the schedule might be? Until we make plane reservations, I know I can't do much about the bus, but would like to know if they run pretty regularly every day

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I forgot to mention we would probably go over on August 20th to get there for the tour meeting in Trier on the 22nd, or leave here on the 23rd. for the tour meeting in Trier on the 25th.

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It is a year from now, you have plenty of time. It is pretty easy to get from Frankfurt airport to Trier. There is a train connection every hour by the current schedule that will get you to Trier in 2 hours and 48 minutes. The train station is in the airport. If I can get a direct flight to Frankfurt for a decent price, I'd go that way. connecting at another airport can be a pain sometimes, but again, if it results in significant savings, I'd take it. Set up flight alerts with Kayak and Orbitz.

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Buses from LUX leave from the front entrance. #16 from LUX to Luxembourg central station:

Monday - Friday : 5:30 - 11:00 every 10 minutes
Saturday: 5:25 - 23:05 every 20 minutes
Sunday: 5:59 - 22:59 every 30 minutes

LUX airport transportation page

Trains from Luxembourg central station to Trier are direct. You can find train journeys yourself for all of Europe at the DB itinerary page. Use Trier Hbf for one station and Luxembourg Gare for the other station name.
DB itinerary page

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Several months before your tour, the Tour department will send you contact info for your first and last tour hotels, so that you can reserve extra nights at the same spot, without having to move. The same document includes directions from the airport to the first hotel, and the GAS tour includes directions from both Luxembourg and Frankfurt airports, similar to what you have above.

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likely, you will find most one-stop flight options will be to Frankfurt. Airline choice for me is usually based on convenience of schedule.

For train details go the the Deutsche Bahn website, pick the English version (British flag in the upper right) if necessary. Enter the start as Frankfurt Flughaven (airport) and destination of Trier Hbf (Hauptbahnhof) and you will see exactly the routes, times, stops, fares, platforms etc., that will get you there.

There is a link towards the bottom that will show you map of Frankfurt airport. You can also find links to show you Trier train station and any stop where you change trains (at least once). Definitely good to arrive a day early or you'll fall asleep at the first tour dinner. The hotel will know that some people on the RS tour will come early, but you should contact them as soon as you get the hotel contact info to reserve extra nights.

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To find multi-city flights (also called open-jaws), be sure you are using the "multi city" option on Kayak, Matrix ITA, etc. Don't look for two one-ways, as that's much more expensive.

It's early to be looking for flights for next August, and no discounts are likely to be showing yet. You should search flights to both FRA and LUX as your starting point, from whichever US airports are convenient for you. Most websites won't do fare alerts for open-jaw flights, so you will need to set up separate round-trip alerts (for instance, Dayton to Vienna and Dayton to Luxembourg). Also, sign up for e-mail alerts from the airlines. (In 2012, I snagged a ticket during a three-day sale from Air Berlin; I only got the notification because I had flown with them in 2004!).

By looking now, you'll know the top price, as well as all the route options, and can decide which ones are acceptable to you. Then, when you see a sale, you'll recognize it immediately, and be able to pounce. If you have to take time to discuss with your travel partners whether a particular route at a particular price is the one you want to buy, it can disappear.