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Hotel Uhland - safe to give credit card via email?

I am reserving a room with Hotel Uhland for our trip to Munich in April 2015. They are asking for my credit card to reserve. Is it safe to send via email?

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Yes. If it makes you feel better you can break the credit card number into two separate emails. That is what I always do. I have reserved with Hotel Uhland and have not had any problems.

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As safe as it is giving your card to a stranger (waiter) at a restaurant while they take it somewhere sight unseen, swiping it at a major retailer, or giving it over the phone to someone you've never met... The email itself is highly unlikely to be intercepted and if the hotel employee is selling card data, they will do it no matter how you send it.

Some people break the card data into two emails for their own peace of mind...

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I've never had any problems giving my credit card information to Hotel Uhland. As the others have said, you could send two separate E-mails with the number, but really that makes little difference. If an unscrupulous hotel employee was going to use your credit card for nefarious purposes, they could just as easily wait to get both E-mails before buying themselves a new high def TV. If you're really concerned about the issue, drop a dime and phone them to give them your credit card number.

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Normally, you won't have any problem. I prefer to book by phone and give them my credit card that way.