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Hotel Recommendation around Frankfurt

I will be doing a bike and cruise trip from Passau Germany September 2023. At the end of the cruise we will be taking a train from Passau to Frankfurt and staying one night in Frankfurt. Our flight back to the US is at 8:30 am in the morning so I want easy access to get to the airport by 6:30 am. Any recommendations for hotels? I saw quite a few recommendations to stay in Mainz. I just afraid since I have to be at the Frankfurt airport by 6:30 am that might not be a possibility. Thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance.


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This coming Monday there are trains from Mainz Hbf station at 5:32, 5:44, 5:58, and 6:02 that cover this 20-25-min. train ride. A number of trains before that as well. Whatever day you are there should be similar (but check the schedules for your date anyway.) No sweat from Mainz. The Königshof, the Hammer, and other hotels within steps of the station provide you with good choices.

Stations: Mainz Hbf > Frankfurt(M) Flughafen

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I just afraid since I have to be at the Frankfurt airport by 6:30 am
that might not be a possibility

Why would that not be a posssibility? According to the Bahn website, for one weekday in Sept 23, there is an S8 S-Bahn leaving Mainz Hbf at 6:02, getting to FRA Regionalbhf at 6:28, and regional train, R3, leaving Mainz Hbf 4 minutes earlier, at 5:58, getting to FRA at 6:19.

Use the Bahn schedule website, put in Mainz Hbf to Frankfurt Flughafen Regionalbahnhof, your date, and arrival time of 6:30. Looks like there are about 4 trains per hour taking 21-26 minutes.

In the past, I've stayed at Königshof, which is a short walk, right across the Bahnhof Platz from the Hbf. They have great breakfasts, but you will probably be leaving too early for breakfast.

You probably want to stay away from the über expensive hotels in the airport itself, but there are many hotels in Kelsterbach and Gateway Gardens (look them up on Google Maps). Some are probably more reasonable, and there is an S-Bahn station in Gateway Gardens as well as short bus routes to the airport. Or, if you are light packers, it's less than a half hour walk.

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We stayed at the Sheraton at the airport this past October. It was so easy to just walk to the airport for an early flight, and not have to worry about trains or shuttles. And the train station is right there too. We found a Paulaner restaurant in the train station area for dinner.

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Hilton Garden Inn is popular as is the Marriott/Sheraton which are actually at the airport, or one of the hotels in Gateway Gardens, which are only a 2 min. train ride from the airport. With an early flight, not sure I would want to stay as far away as Mainz, when hotels are closer. Even Frankfurt is closer, only a 13-15 min. train ride and more frequent trains if you include the many Regional trains.

If you want to stay in Frankfurt itself so you can see a bit of the city, try the Hamburger Hof or Flemings Express which are right outside the N. exit of the main station.

To be honest, the trains have been really messed up here lately, with a lot of delays and cancellations. Not sure how it will be in Sept. but I would still think about being closer to the airport for early morning flights.

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Thank you everyone. I made a reservation at the Hilton Garden at the airport. It made the most since overall. By the time I disembark the ship and take the train form Passau to Frankfurt it will probably be 3:00 - 4:00 pm by the time I arrive. We won,t have much time for sight seeing anyways and will probably want to rest. Thanks again.

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If it were me I would stay right in Frankfurt. There are many hotels of various prices literally right by the main train station in Frankfurt (within a block or less). We have stayed at several different ones. It is so convenient when you need to be at the airport for an early flight. It is just 10 minutes on the train. If you have a little time the day before it is nice to walk down to the river and up to the small square where you can sit outside and enjoy a nice meal on your last evening.