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Hotel or B & B recommendations for Bayrischzell

My husband and I are planning to stay one night in Bayrischzell on our way to Salzburg. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good place to stay?

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In two past trips, I have stayed in a Privatzimmer in Osterhofen because it's at the base of the Wendelstein cable car. That Haus is only a few yard from the rail station that goes on to Bayrischzell, but Osterhofen is a very small villiage with few services. I can send you their email if you are interested. They speak English.

When I went into Bayrischzell to take the bus on the Alpenstrasse over to Oberaudorf, on the Inn (a great ride), I noticed this hotel a few blocks from the train station, almost in the center of town. It looked really nice, so I took a picture so I would remember it if I ever come back.

The Bayrischzell website can help you find a place to stay. That's how I found the place where I stayed. It will have far more properties than any booking website.

How are you planning to continue on to Salzburg? The Alpenstrasse from Bayrischzell to Oberaudorf is a great ride, preferably by bus so you can watch the scenery.

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Thanks, Lee. We will be traveling by car so will not be limited to lodging near public transportation. I will look into the hotel you mentioned, as well as checking the Bayrischzell website.