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Historic Green Vault in Dresden CLOSED due to robbery. Should we visit anyway?

The Green Vault in Dresden is closed due to a robbery in late November. It seems there is plenty to see in the Green Vault rooms anyway. I phoned the museum today. They said the damage done in the robbery has been fixed. However the closure remains while they work out a new security system. It may or may not be open in early September, the time of our planned visit. The rest of the palace including the New Vault is open.

If someone has visited the palace I would like an opinion on the merits of what we could see if the Green Vault remains closed. We would be traveling from Colmar in Alsace to visit Dresden so it does involve time and effort but we very much wanted to visit the sights there. As the museum has no timeline for more info I don’t want to wait longer to get airfare and hotel. The rest of trip in France is already booked.

Thanks for any opinions

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Guess it depends on why you were planning to visit originally. If you were going to see the palace, then go. If you only wanted to see those stolen items, and not the palace, then don’t. You say you want to visit sights there (I assume Dresden), so you’ve pretty much answered your own question. However, might your time be better spent visiting a sight that doesn’t involve as much time.

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There are two Green Vaults in Dresden, called "New Green Vault" (or in some cases just "Green Vault") and "Historic Green Vault". They are separately ticketed. I was under the impression that only the Historic Green Vault was closed, though I could be mistaken. There are also many beautiful objects in the New Green Vault. The Old Masters art gallery is worthwhile, and I believe there's a large porcelain collection as well (not my thing). Dresden has a stunning number of superb museums for a city its size. Check your guidebook and/or TripAdvisor for other things to see and do.

A fairly small part of central Dresden was rebuilt, post-war, in the old style. It's very attractive. As of 2015 the tourist office offered a good walking tour of the city.

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In another city, the New Green Vault could be the main attraction. The armory and coin collections in the royal residence would fascinate enthusiasts.

The Old Masters Gallery is reopening at the end of February, after a Highlights Gallery of 55 pictures that I very much enjoyed during the 7 year renovation.

If you like porcelain, the collection at the Zwinger is elegant and intricate.

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I almost forgot that I wrote a trip report for Dresden, which might give you ideas, including a day outing to Schloss Pillnitz, a Dresden city walk for a nice orientation, and a splurge dinner at Genuss Atelier.

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There’s plenty to see and do in Dresden and nearby. Sure the Green Vaults are special, but how many cities have two large museum galleries crammed with paintings just by the Cranachs? Military Museum with dramatic addition by Daniel Liebeskind, Saxon Switzerland, wine harvests along the river, Meissen, opera, modern art museum, Frauenkirche?

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The armour collection by itself is reason enough to visit...

... however, I'm not sure if going all the way from Colmar is worth the effort alone, unless you planned to see other locations along the way or nearby in Saxony.

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The Historic Green Vault is only the icing on the cake. The other museums (including the New Green Vault, which has the more spectacular items, btw, and is open) are well worth a visit (or two ...)

As the others said, Dresden has so much more to see and do than the Historic Green Vault ...

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Thanks for the replies.

Good to know the very positive opinions of Dresden’s attractions with or without the Old Green Vault. I have decided to visit and enjoy every thing that is open. Although it is a distance from Colmar, I think it will be worth it and we plan to fly back from Frankfurt, a straight shot on the train from Dresden.