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Help with Germany Itinerary

We are traveling (driving) around Europe and plan to spend some time in Germany. Looking for suggestions on itinerary and also in the different cities, what would be top sites to see (or in surrounding areas). We are a couple with a 7mo old baby:

Arriving via ferry into Rostock - planning to drive towards Berlin/Potsdam (which city would be best to stay in, with car?)
Debating driving to Prague to stay for 2 nights?
Driving to Munich - would like to visit Salzburg for a day trip
Going to be stopping in Basel Switzerland to visit friend and then venturing over to Burgundy area of France
Back to Germany to explore Rhine Valley (stay in Bacharach?) would like to stop by in Trier on drive to there from France
Then driving to Lubeck (to catch ferry) - any sites along the way? Stop off for food?


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How long do you have for this trip? It would be nice to spend three full days in Berlin (during which time, the car will probably stay parked). As a detour off the most direct Berlin-Munich route, Prague only adds about three hours driving time, according to, but I'd rather stay for three nights than two. Driving gives you flexibility but is easier and more of a benefit when visiting smaller towns.

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We have 3 weeks total - but plan on spending the last week in Sweden. Trying to keep at 2 days per location on our driving tour so that we can have a longer stretch in Sweden at the end (we have friends there).. thanks!

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The ferry connecting Germany and Sweden leaves from Travemünde (catch the train from Lübeck) to Malmö, Sweden. I would advise dropping Burgundy, not enough time.

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any sites along the way?

Sure. On the (almost) direct route between Rostock and Prague for example (WHS = World Heritage Site):
Bad Doberan minster, Wismar (WHS), Stralsund (WHS), Schwerin fairytale castle, Güstrow castle, Ludwigslust castle and park, Rheinsberg castle and park, Spreewald, Bad Muskau castle and park (WHS), Dresden, Bautzen, Meissen, Saxon Switzerland, Seiffen (village with nothing but Christmas shops), Kost castle, Bohemian Paradise.

Your problem is that you don't have time for any sites along the way. Berlin and Potsdam require at least 4-5 days, Prague at least 2-3, Munich 3-4, and you also want to see Basel, Burgundy and the Rhine. You mostly rush from one big city to the next, on Germanys busiest Autobahns, and Berlin, Prague and Munich are no fun with a car. Very stressful, especially with a baby.
I know I can't change your mind, but your trip would be much more enjoyable if you drop some of the big cities and drive less (and on secondary roads). A round trip from Rostock via Berlin to Prague and back to Lübeck is more than enough for two weeks. I actually would also drop Prague from the list. Or forget Berlin and Prague, drive straight down to Southern Germany, and on your way back to Lübeck stop at the Rhine and the Harz mountains.

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Thanks Martin!

What route do you recommend to get more on quieter roads for example, cutting through the middle of Germany? What cities or towns would be good stopping bases?

I'm not motivated to see big big cities - just want the cultural/historical adventure ..

I would like to stop at one concentration camp/holocaust memorial

Thanks for your suggestions