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Help with Fussen, Garmisch-P, Mittenwald itinerary

Here is a section of my itinerary I am having trouble with:
I am heading to the south from Rothenburg where my interests are:

See castles (Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau)
Luge ride
Maybe Zugspitze
Garmisch- Partenkirche and Oberammergau
Linderdorf palace
After the south, I wish to head up to Munich. I am struggling with the order of things and which base to use in the south.

I was thinking to use Fussen as a base for 2 nights and then travel through G-P, Oberammergau, Mittenwald on my way up to Munich. Does this sound do-able or is it best to use G-P as a base for castles, which is also a lot closer to Oberammergau and the others?

Thanks very much

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Stay in Fuessen, Do the castles and Tegelberg luge on the same day. As a less expensive alternative to the Zugspitze, you could do the Tegelbergbahn by the castles or the Karwendelbahn in Mittenwald. You could also do the Zugspitze cheaper and faster than from Garmisch from nearby Ehrwald, Austria.

Linderhof could be done on the way to Munich, as can Oberammergau (an hour or so is plenty).


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We lived in Augsburg and have done all these places(except the Luge ride), even saw the Passion Play in Oberammergau that was fantastic.

Not sure how many days you have to do all of this, but you will likely need 4 days.

We always stayed in Garmisch, I don't think it matters a lot whether you stay in Garmisch or Fussen, just find a good hotel. There are great places to stay and dine in Garmisch-P, especially one in Partenkirche, but I can't remember the name.

Going up the Zugspite was super, we loved that. Also, I did a two day hike in the Summer up to the top of the Zugspitze that was fantastic, however at the end of the hike, it started sleeting, in July.

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Thanks guys, you both have been incredibly helpful and have relieved a lot of stress for me.

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Seems pretty aggressive. Something I think will have to go. Maybe an overnight on the fly after one night in Füssen? Car or train?

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I might do 3 nights and probably see Mittenwald and Oberammergau on the way to Munich. I will have a car.

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Drive through not much to see in Garmisch Partenkirchen unless you have a specific point to see. I would overnight in Mittenwald and do what I could (Lautersee, Karwendelbahn) have a good Bavarian dinner and enjoy this now touristic Heim. Haven't been to Oberammergau for years. I remember painted buildings similar to Mittenwald and lots of wood carving shops. This could be half a day?

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The Highline 179 looks like fun! Thanks, mchpp and Paul.