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Help with website needed

When I'm looking at trains on the Bahn website, what do the various acronyms mean? I know what the ICE and RE trains are but what are AG and ALX? I've looked all over the website and can't find anything that explains these, can you help?

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I'll have to look up AG, but I think it operates around Regensburg. ALX is a Swiss owned company operating between the Bodensee and Vogtland. Both are private companies operating as regional trains under the Bahn privatization policy. ALX used to be known a the Allgäu Express, but has renamed itself since expanding. It operates trains from Munich to Prague.

There are many private companies operating regional trains in Germany, including Meridian (Munich to Salzburg) and Mittlerheinbahn (MRB) on the left bank of the Rhein between Mainz and Koblenz.

Chances are, if a train is not IC/ICE/EC/IR, it is a regional train, and if not RB/RE/IRE it is a private line operating regional trains. RJ (RailJet) is not a German train. It is an Austrian express train operating in Austria and between Austria and Munich.

If you are not sure and need to know, try picking "only local transport" on means of transport and see if the train is still shown.

Yes, AG stands for Agilis. It operates trains between Nürnberg and Regensburg, amongst other routes.

ALX now is the initials of Länderbahn und Vogtlandbahn GmbH

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Thanks a bunch Lee, I knew you'd come through for me. I'm mostly interested in knowing that these trains are included under the Bayern-Böhmen-Ticket and from what I can tell they are. Hope that's right.

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I looked up Nürnberg to Regensburg on the Bahn website, and for the connection by S-Bahn to Neukirchen and by AG from Neukirchen to Regensburg it shows the Bayern-Ticket as a Savings Ticket. Here is a list of tickets accepted by AG.

Here is the Bahn website for the Bayern-Böhmen-Ticket. It's in German only. Even if you can't read German, you can see the ticket prices. And, here is the map of the part of the Czech Republic (in blue) where the ticket is valid. In Bavaria, it is valid everywhere the Bayern-Ticket is valid, that is, all Nahverkehrszüge (regional trains) as well as almost all bus lines.

As far as I know, all privatized trains in Bavaria accept the Bayern- and Bayern-Böhmen-Tickets. I do know that the privately operated Bayerische-Oberlandbahn, which operates the trains fanning out south from Holzkirchen to Bad Tölz, Tegernsee, and Bayrischzell accepts the Bayern-Ticket but not German Rail or Eurail passes.