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Help with 10 day itinerary


I am hoping for some help with an itinerary for Germany. We are planning a trip to Germany for the last of October beginning of November. We need to be in Dublin for November 7.

We are not big city people but do want a few days in Munich. Wanting to stay in Southern Germany, not interested in Berlin etc this time around.

Definitely wanting to stay in Rothenberg for a few nights. I do understand that many will feel that is too long to be there but we need some relax time.

We dont drive so will need trains and buses but understand the Romantic Road bus finishes on October 17 and that Rick Steves doesnt really recommend that much anymore

We dont care for chain hotels. Need nothing fancy, just clean and private bathroom. Ok with B&B;s and pensions

Im not sure if there is any other info you need but if so I will be happy to give it



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The Romantic Road Coach might end in October, but there is other public transportation (trains and buses) on the Romantic Road. I would have to more or less agree with Rick's assessment. The bus travels the entire Road in a day, but it's not the physical road that is so interesting. It's some of the towns along the way, and, in order to do the whole Road in a day, the Coach stops only briefly in most of them.

In October, 2007, I toured the Romantic Road from Wieskirche to Würzburg. It took me five 24-hour periods, spending most of my time in towns, not on the Road. In my opinion, the most interesting part was between Harburg and Dinkelsbühl.

Harburg has an interesting (intact, I believe) castle, but due to the lack of public transportation in town, it would not be suitable for a base.

Nördlingen is great - the untoursity little sister of Rothenburg, without the Christmas shop or Crime and Punishment Museum, and without the Nightwatchman's tour, but with a nearly intact wall you can walk on, a church tower you can climb, and plenty of Fachwerk houses. I would use Nördlingen as a base for exploring that part of the Romantic Road. Dinkelsbühl is about an hour north by bus and Harburg is about 15 minutes south by train. I spent nearly 24 hours (overnight) in Nördlingen and was sorry to leave. You can get to Nördlingen by bus from Rothenburg (with a stopover in Dinkelsbühl) or from Munich via Donauwörth.

You need to get familiar with the Bahn schedule webpage. It will show you bus schedules as well as rail schedules.

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So sorry for the delay but I just wanted to say thank you so much for your insights