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Help using my Global Pass in Germany

My family and I are traveling for 18 days to Germany and several other countries in August 2019. I have already purchased our 1st class Global Rail Passes and am still learning the rules of use. I think I have most of it figured out but would feel more at ease if some seasoned travelers could look over our Germany itinerary and let me know if the railpass will cover our journeys or if we will need additional tickets or reservations? Please be kind and generous with the details. My mind is so full of travel info it is turning to mush but I still need all the help I can get!
Thanks so much in advance!

August 15, Thursday

(1) Frankfurt Airport to Hagen Hbf - depart:11:09, arrive: 12:59 (ICE, IC)

August 16, Friday

(1) Hagen Hbf to Bramsche - depart: 9:01, arrive: 11:16 (IC, NWB)

(2) Bramsche to Kirchlengern - depart: 15:16, arrive: 16:16 (NWB, ERB)

August 17, Saturday

(1) Kirchlengern to Rahden (Kr Lübbecke) - depart: 9:10, arrive: 9:50 (ERB)

(2) Rahden to to Kirchlengern - depart: 16:05, arrive: 16:49 (ERB)

August 18, Sunday

(1) Kirchlengern to Leese-Stolzenau - depart: 9:17, arrive: 10:30 (ERB)

(2)Leese-Stolzenau to Dörverden - depart: 14:30, arrive: 15:09 (ERB, RE)

August 19, Monday

(1) Eystrup to Wetzlar - depart: 9:53 - arrive: 14:17 (RE, ICE, RE)

August 20, Tuesday

(1) Wetzlar to Dillenburg - 9:18 , arrive: 9:38 (RE)

(2)Dillenburg to Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf - depart: 14:33 , arrive: 16:39 (RB, ICE)

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