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Help understanding Bayern Ticket and using trains & busses

Hi and thanks in advance for any counsel - my wife and I plus our 4 kids will be spending 6 days in Munich and Salzburg in November.

We have never done this before hence the request for advice. We are flying into Munich and staying the first few days in Salzburg before heading back to Munich for final few days and flight back. Therefore we will need the following:
- travel from Munich airport to Salzburg
- travel to our hotel in the old part of Salzburg
- travel back to Munich and then to our hotel near the Marienplatz

What is best way to get to/from train stations and from the stations to hotels?

Figure once in Salzburg we can walk and/or take Sound of Music tours.
Once back in Munich we will need to arrange travel to Neuschwanstein palace. Thinking of just buying an excursion (hopefully one that would pick us up at hotel) as it may be easier even if we sacrifice some control of our agenda. Thoughts?

Keep in mind that with 4 kids - 17, 15, 12, 6 - I am trying to keep this as easy as possible. Any help on getting around OR good things for the kids to see and do would be helpful.

Thanks much!!!

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This page will give you all the information you need to know about the Bayern ticket, including prices, times of travel, restrictions and so on.

When you leave the Munich airport, you can take an S-Bahn to the city, where you will catch the train to Salzburg. S-Bahn tickets are covered by the Bayern ticket, but again, note any time restrictions. You can find info here about airport transport to the city.

Once you get to Salzburg, you should be able to get around most places by walking, but there is also a good bus and trolley system.

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Depending on your Salzburg hotel location, you might well find that it is walkable from the station. Many hotels are between the station and the Staatsbrücke: that's a 15-20 minute walk at most, and it could be less. If you are across the river, then hop on just about any trolleybus headed towards the city center.

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The easiest way is to travel with a Bayernticket via Munich East (not via the main station): S8 Airport -- Munich East, from there BRB (the carrier of the train to Salzburg), Line RE5. The BT is valid from 9 am on weekdays, all day on weekends. You need one for 4 people (kids under 15 are free); you can buy it at the airport from a vending machine (at the ticket counter you usually have to wait and pay a 2€ "service charge" on top of that) or in the DB app (recommended) while you wait for your luggage. Booking in advance doesn't bring any advantage, but has the disadvantage that the ticket will be forfeited if you are a day late. NB. The ticket is not valid for the bus within Salzburg, but the walk to the center is not long, about 15-20min. The trip to Neuschwanstein I would organize myself (with a tour operator, it can quickly become expensive); please note that if you take the train leaving shortly before 9am, you need a MVV group ticket (Munich transport authority) to Geltendorf in addition to the BT.

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Salzburg is not a big place and we usually walked to our hotels. Check Google maps and see how far the walk would be. With a 6 year old and luggage, it might be a bit much. Google maps will also show the bus routes. We took a taxi once as it was snowing/raining and it was not that far or that costly.

Once you arrive back in Munich, the train station is also a Sbahn & Ubahn (under ground trains) station. A great number of Sbahns run from the main train station (München HBF) to the Marienplatz Station. It is a short ride (6 minutes) but you will probably want to get a group day ticket for 15,60 € ("Valid for a group of 2 up to 5 persons - children between 6 and 14 years count half") and start learning to use the metro system as Munich (München) is large and complex.

It takes a while to become familiar with the MVV website but it will pay off over 4 days.

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but you will probably want to get a group day ticket for 15,60 €

Please note: If you travel back to Munich on an Bayern Ticket it will be valid for all urban transport same day. It's only from the following day onward that you need a MVV group ticket. Transfer to the S-Bahn in Munich East again and it will bring you right to the Marienplatz.

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If your Salzburg hotel is in the old part , i.e. across the river from the train station, I would count on taking a couple of takis to it. The distance isn’t far so the fare won’t be real high, and it will save you from what can be a great deal of frustration, not something you will want after the flight and train ride.

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Salzburg things for kids

  • The big Christmas Market in the Altstadt (old town) opens Nov 17
  • The Fortress has a variety of things to see and great views of the city from above
  • Normally I would suggest the marionette theater, but it is touring elsewhere
  • Hangar-7 Aviation Museum
  • Probably too far out of the way, but the city library is super cool. Looks like a dinosaur. Shockingly red carpet. Horizontally-traveling elevator that takes you up to the Panoramabar (the "head" of the dragon), which has great views toward the fortress; servers are individuals with developmental disabilities who are being trained to work in the restaurant/hospitality industry (so having some basic German language skills is helpful if ordering; for example, "Ich möchte eine heiße Schokolade"); the "head lady" speaks English, or at least the head lady did when I was last there. Across the street is a Spar Hypermarkt; maybe the kids would like walking through the German/Austrian equivalent of a high-class Walmart?
  • Almdudler. Austria's soft drink. Kind of like a lemon ginger ale.

Munich has all sorts of things... google something like "Munich for kids," and you will find tons of stuff. The German "special" soda? Spezi. Most commonly, Coke and Orange Fanta mixed together, though there is a citrus soda officially named Spezi, too.

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I used Pure Bavaria tours once while in Munich for a private tour. I was very happy with my guide. The company has a group tour that includes Neuschwanstein and a few other stops. It's kind of pricy, but they will pick you up at your hotel.

You could also price a private tour with them. Given the size of your group, it may not be that much more.

You could do it MUCH more cheaply on your own, but then there is a bit of a hassle factor.