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I will be traveling through Saxony-Anhalt and Bavaria later this year (as well as brief forays into Austria, Switzerland and Sweden). In researching pre-paid SIM cards, I've come across They offer a 12 gig, all data card, for $49.90 US. The coverage includes all the countries I will visit and then some. Using an iPhone and this card I can easily get by without any calling minutes or texts. All my communications will be to other iPhones, so Face Time and iMessage can handle those chores and I can choose whatever map app I want and Google as I please. With 12 gig, available I'm not likely to run out of data on a 3 week trip.

So, here are my questions.
- Has anyone had any experience with any SIM cards from this company?
- Any experience with this data only card in particular? (Company says 3G+ for speed.)

Thanks for any insight.

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Sorry, no experience, but sounds like it would be a great option for an following....
And wouldn't a local SIM card bought at the airport work?