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Got Easy Pass German automated gate entry - April 2023

I had a 3.75 hour layover in FRA, so exited security to apply for an Easy Pass automated gate entry, as I frequently transit in FRA & MUC. This allows US citizens, and a few other nationalities, to use the EU automated gantry & not 'Other Passports', definitely a plus when lines are long. I downloaded the application, filled it out on line, & printed it out ahead of time.

  • This 'Border Police Service Center' is NOT easy to find, even other border police didn't seem to know exactly where it's located. It is in Terminal 2, B on the second floor, not where elsewhere noted on the Forum. (I think this office may have been moved recently). There's a large shopping area on ground level, an escalator with finally the first signage, large open-doored office is up escalator to the right.
  • If directed to a locked door, you're at the wrong office. A kind border policeman answered one of these doors & gave the best directions, he noted that unless I was being arrested, I was in the wrong place. HA.
  • Once I actually found the office, the process took less than 5 minutes, but there was no one else waiting.
  • EasyPass is linked to your passport, so if your passport expires anytime soon, it's probably not worth the bother.
  • No cost.
  • I then had to re-enter security to continue on my next flight within Schengen. I would have been uncomfortable with less than a 3-hour layover to get this done, but even going to the wrong office in the wrong terminal, I spent about 45 minutes outside of the departure area.

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