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Good things to do with a large group in the Nuremberg area

I'm looking for activities for a family reunion in Nuremberg. There will be approximately 60 people. Any recommendations?

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When? It makes a big difference. Check and see if the open air museum in Bad Windsheim is up and then go there. I'd also recommend a walk in the evening along the Pegnitz from the water gate through the old town. Of course you'll probably lose members to one place or another along the route. If it's winter have everyone bring a swimsuit and go to Palm Beach. It's a spa with swimming pools, hot tubs, wave pools, all the normal spa stuff, plus food and a bar. You should also check the calendar for the Messe convention center and see if they have a show going on. Many are open to the public and its an easy place to get to using the U Bahn. The Zoo is also pretty good and if the weather's good its a nice walk. For something a little different you can walk around the old town walls. I recommend doing that at night. (You might want to avoid the red light district between the Weisse Turm and the train station.) The stretch from the Weisse Turm up to the Castle is the most picturesque.

You might also want to see if you can book a short river cruise, maybe to Regensburg? You can easily take a train back. Or take a train to Ansbach and walk around the town there. Erlangen is nice too.

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You could request a private group tour through Tucherschloss

As much as I am delighted that there are Berliners who know the Tucherschlösschen, I am not sure that it is a good place for a group of 60 people. There are very few rooms in it where so many people could follow explanations by a guide comfortably. The same is unfortunately also true for the other excellent Renaissance building, the Fembohaus.

I'd book a tour by the tourist info. Ideally, it would start from the office building (Köngisstrasse 92) and include the gothic toll hall (Mauthalle) , the gothic churches of St. Lawrence and St. Sebald (outstanding examples of continental (non-French) Gothic), the Heilig-Geist-Spital (Hospital of Holy Spirit), the Main Market with it's Gothic fountain, the Renaissance Town Hall and the Imperial Castle. Finally, a walk from Duerer's house along the Neutormauer to the Pegnitz river and the water gate as mentioned by KGC. For further sightseeing I'd split up the group, e.g. for a visit of the Tucherschloss or the Fembo house mentioned above or of Duerer's house. There are also tours of the Germanic Museum (medieval painting and sculpture as well as an excellent collection of historical musical instruments), the Museum of Historical Toys and the Transportation Museum. The Nazi Documentation Center outside the city (accessible by tram # 8 from the main station) is worth a visit, not just because of the documentation, but also because it is the best preserved example of the megalomania of Nazi architecture (You may skip the rest of the terrain. Tour guides like to tell you that they can show you the place where Hitler spoke, but that's fib. The place of Hitler's speeches was the nearby Luitpolthain, where the Allies blew up all the Nazi buildings at the end of the war; the tribune shown in the Riefenstahl film was just a makeshift wooden frame).

The best day trip is Bamberg (45 min by RE, 55 min by S-Bahn), Rothenburg is reachable in 1:15. Both with a cheap VGN "TagesticketPlus" (day pass for the entire greater Nuremberg area, € 20.30, valid for two adults and up to four children).

The best opportunity for lunch or dinner for such a large group is probably the restaurant of the Heilig Geist Spital mentioned above.