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Getting to Munich from Florence

We are planning a trip to Europe that will include about 2 weeks in Italy and about 10 days in Austria. After our time in Italy, we will leave from Florence, Italy and we want to get to Munich, Germany. We would like to take the train for this trip and we are wondering if anyone has done this and might have some advice for us. We would stay in Munich for a day or two, and then we need to get to Passau, Germany, where we will do a bike trip down the Danube to Vienna. We need to take a train from the Freising station to get to Passau. The Freising station is about a 20 minute bus ride from the Munich airport. Since we would like to take the train to Munich, will we be arriving at the Freising station, or is this station in another town near Munich? Flying from Florence to Munich is an option, but we have the time and we would like to see some of the scenery in the area by taking the train. Any tips and advice are appreciated. Thanks.

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There are five Eurocity (EC) trains from Verona to Munich each day. You can get to Verona from Florence with an Italian Eurostar train (ES) and change there to the Eurocity. There is also a night train direct from Florence to Munich via Verona.

The trains from Italy go over Brenner Pass to Innsbruck, then down the Inn River to Rosenheim, and from there to Munich. Brenner Pass is scenic but hardly spectacular (at least to someone from Colorado). However, it has historic interest, as it was one of the way the Romans got to Germany. The Iceman was found near Brenner Pass.

The trains from Italy terminate at Munich's Main station or Hauptbahnhof (Hbf). From there you take a regional train or the S-Bahn out to Freising, about 40 minutes.

Is there any reason you are staying in Freising (a nice enough town with the world's oldest brewery). The route to Passau goes to Plattling, on the Danube where you change to a train to Passau. The train to Plattling starts in Munich, so you could stay there.

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How to Look Up Train Schedules Online gives you the German DB train schedule link and tips for using it. The trains that are direct to Germany - either the night train departing Florence or the day train departing Verona - are sold on that site with significant advance-purchase discounts, available starting 3 months ahead of the travel date. Italian train tickets such as Florence-Verona are sold through their own site,, again with advance discounts available. See also general tips and links for Buying Train Tickets.

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Hi Lindy,

We are also doing a Europe trip this summer. One of the legs we will be taking the night train from Florence to Fussen (via Munich). About a month or two ago I was able to purchase night train tickets for 270 euros for the three of us. I found a nice website/blog that explains the different types of sleeper cars.
Initially I was a little reluctant to take a night train, but we are going with it just for the experience.

Have fun!