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Getting from Oberammergau to Neuschwanstein

We are attending the Passion Play in Oberammergau and would like to go the next day to Neuschwanstein as a day trip before we return to Oberammergau and catch the train back to Munich. We are debating if we should take a bus from Oberammergau (there are no trains) and try to see both Newuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau on our own which would take the whole day, or if we should take a rather pricey Skip the Line Neuschwanstein tour from Bavarian Castle Tours that would take us from Oberammergau to Neuschwanstein and back in 5 1/2 hours. Does anyone have experience with either option?

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In my opinion, having been to Neuschwanstein three times (once to see it, twice to take others) is that, as long as you don't go there expecting a real medieval castle, it is worth seeing. It's such a beautiful building, an insight into an eccentric person, and an icon of Germany.

But I understand that getting tickets at a late date might not be possible. Find the ticket office website on the Internet and make sure you have tickets before going.

Also, IMO, those 3rd party tours, that take advantage of Americans' lack of knowledge on how to do this trip yourself, are way overpriced rip-offs.

In 2007 I spent the night in Oberammergau before taking my now-fabled, you-don't-need-a-car trip up the Romantic Road. I took the bus from Ober'gau as far as Wieskirche, but on the bus with me were a man and his son, who had stayed at the same pension with me and were going to Neuschwanstein for the day. The bus from Oberammergau takes about 1¼ hr to the stop near the Neuschwanstein ticket kiosk, which it gets to 9 minutes before ending at Füssen Bhf.

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Thank you for your detailed information. We plan to take the bus from Oberammergau and will buy tickets for the castles ahead of time. I assume we can buy these online ahead of time. The Skip the Line tour is more convenient but cannot find anyone who has taken it and who can recommend the company running it. We have read online mixed reviews.

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Can you stop and see the castles on your way to Munich? That would avoid backtracking to O'gau. I dont know the logistics that would take, but seems doable.