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Germany Train Flexipass

My wife and I will be in Germany for the last couple of weeks in December flying into Frankfurt. We will be using a Flexipass. Rick's train info recommends not buying it online but waiting until we are in Germany. Being an advanced planning type person this causes a certain amount of anxiety. Does anyone know why this recommendation is made especially since it is for sale on the website? I know he says it is a paper ticket but is it because of mailing issues?

Also, with the Flexipass can you make train reservations in advance?

Thank you for any responses provided.

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Previously, you could buy Flexipasses on the spot at train stations in Germany and get direct personal advice on which pass to purchase and how to use one to your advantage from knowledgeable train personnel. This, in addition to potential mailing delays or failures, was the main advantage. But things have changed.

The current Rick Steves page on the GR passes has inconsistencies and errors because DB (German Railways) no longer sells the Flexipasses. It appears that the sale of flexipasses has been turned over to Raileurope and Eurail recently. The prices have gone up substantially as well. For years I have recommended GRPs on those occasions when the traveling party would benefit from them. I am unwilling to even suggest that they might be an option at all at this point.

DB does sell CONSECUTIVE-DAY passes online at home. You just print them out after purchase.

However, it is extremely likely, with the other options on offer, that you would NOT benefit from a railpass. I suggest you post some details on your travel plans on this forum to obtain some solid advice.