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Germany, Switzerland, Austria Tour

For all those who have been on the RS GAS tour, all have been to any of the three countries, what is a nice time of year is good to go. I am planning on going next year and would like to start planning my vacation time. My only concern is due to a medical problem, I tend to me cold. I will layer my clothing but would like it not to be chilly when I go. I can go at anytime, but tend to stay away from the summer due to more crowds. What kind of weather have you experienced when you went on this tour? Is the beginning of September nice time to go? Or is it more rainy, did you find that to be the case? Thank you for your input.

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September is usually one of the driest months for this part of Europe and usually very pleasant weather. I highly recommend this time of year for your tour.

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September is usually pleasent and dry, although that doesn't mean that it never rains or that temperatures can't get a little cool. I doubt you'll need more than a windbreaker and a sweater, though. And probably only in the mountains.

Also, keep the idea of "crowds" in perspective. You're not going to Disneyland on a busy day. Germany, Austria and Switzerland have very few limited-access attractions that draw huge numbers of visitors at once. Maybe Neuschwanstein, but I would think on an organized tour, they would pre-purchase the tickets, so all you have to do is show up at the entrance at your designated tour time.

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ann, we went in October and the weather was fine, but its always unpredictable. We were cold in Germany, and warm in Switzerland. If its that important to you, don't worry about the crowds, and go in July or August. No matter when or where, a nice day brings out the locals anyway. If you do go in September, take note if you will be in Munich during Oktoberfest.

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Thank you all for your responses. I would not go the end of September but more the beginning so that I will not there for Octoberfest. As I know Octoberfest is at the end of September. I would take note and make sure I bring a rain jacket and layer and bring a hoodie or a sweater. And of course rain does happen. I went on the 14 Best of Europe and in September and it rained in Munich but I enjoyed seeing Munich and loved the Swiss Alps so that made me want to go on the GAS tour! I just hope that I could go to the top of the mountain in the Swiss Alps. Thanks, Ann