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Germany's 15 Most Popular Sites (DW Travel)

Deutsche Welle's travel YouTube channel posted a video describing Germany's 15 most popular sites ranked by visitor numbers in 2022.

  1. Köln Cathedral, Cologne
  2. Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg
  3. Museum Island, Berlin
  4. Topography of Terror, Berlin
  5. Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex, Essen
  6. Humboldt Forum, Berlin
  7. Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg
  8. Sankt Michaelis church, Hamburg
  9. Deutsches Museum, Munich
  10. Frauenkirche church, Dresden
  11. Fernsehturm (TV Tower), Berlin
  12. Berlin Wall Memorial, Berlin
  13. Natural History Museum, Berlin
  14. Heidelberg castle, Heidelberg
  15. Neuschwanstein castle, Bavaria
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interesting that 7 and 4 beat 15 into 15th place. just making the cut!!

Yay 7!!

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I always say Hamburg is underrated! Also, there are two in Bavaria--Deutsches Museum and Neuschwanstein.

The ranking is by visitor number, not "what American tourists find interesting." Hamburg is a hugely popular destination among Germans--come for a musicals weekend, visit a few other cool places during the day. We are also a cruise port, so we get a lot of visitors for a day or two. The Elphi is big, beautiful, provides great views, and is free. Of course it's higher on the list than a castle that is not very accessible, requiring a separate trip to the town you would probably not otherwise visit, then an uphill climb. You have to go out of your way for a half day at LEAST to do Neuschwanstein. The Elphi is central to other sites and takes 30 minutes to an hour. It's another 5-10 minute walk to Miniatur Wunderland and another 15 minute walk to the Michel (St. Michaelis).

No, the list doesn't surprise me at all.

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Hamburg is very popular with German stag/hen parties, concerts, etc. It is very popular.

I am surprised at the Humboldt Forum. Is that something I should see?

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Yay to number 7 as well. It's been 6 years since I was there and more has been added. I'm thinking of rerouting to Hamburg for it this spring.

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The only ones I have not been to are 5, 7, 10, 14 and 15. I think this list is great - it actually fits my ranking of the places I saw, except I would probably put the Fernsehturm closer to the bottom. It was interesting mostly for the history but that's about it. I don't like heights so was not interested in going up in it.

I think the Köln Cathedral should be ranked up there with the world's seven wonders - it's one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen. And I would place the Elphi close behind it - what a marvel!

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Yeah, like any list, you need to know the criteria for making the list, and the audiences they considered. I mean, honestly, the philharmonic hall in Hamburg is popular, sees lots of visitors, especially to see shows, and the building is architecturally interesting...but hardly a "destination tourism" site if you are not going for a performance.

I also agree with the sentiment that you can't look at the list through the eyes of an American (or Japanese, or Canadian...) tourist, the list has lots of German things that Germans do for Entertainment. Germans are of course the largest tourist group in Germany.

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There are buses full of tourists that are from all over Europe - Spain, France, Portugal as well as huge groups from Viet Nam, India, and Pakistan. Small groups are from everywhere. Lots of people from Singapore, the Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel. It isn't just Germans, just like it isn't just Americans. Last time I was in Heidelberg, every language in the world was heard while there, but English was not the most common. It is popular with everyone.

Rüdesheim actually gets millions of tourists per year as does the Deutsche Eck and Koblenz. For Christmas markets, Cologne, Dusseldorf, and Stuttgart are tops for many people. The Eastern part of Germany as well as the middle may be more popular than Bavaria. There are more castles, more half-timbered towns, wine festivals, and beautiful scenery and some different history.

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No. 9 - Deutsches History Museum- there’s no mention of the one in Berlin? I’m surprised as it is superb.

No. 9 is no history museum. Deutsches Museum in Munich is the largest science museum in the world.

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Great to see Berlin and Hamburg so well represented.

The tour buses departing from the Kirchenallee opposite of Hamburg Hbf are full of international tourists, how many are Americans?

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I am surprised at the Humboldt Forum. Is that something I should see?

I'm surprised, too. No, it's not something you should see.

I've seen 7 on the list -- all Berlin + Neuschwanstein.