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Germany- Revised 13 nights travel plan- Feedback appreciated please

Hello there! I have decided to save the Bavarian and Salzburg region for our second trip, hence have revised the itinerary as follows. Was initially thinking of car rentals but may just skip it and rely on trains & tours. Please let me know if it alright and any suggestions to make it better or changes needed- please let me know.

Revised Proposed Itinerary
Germany (13 nights)
Frankfurt- Wurzburg (4 nites)
• 9/6-Fly into Frankfurt arriving at 6.40a.m. -Train to Wurzburg . Base here for 4 nites .
• 10/6- explore Wurzburg, Marktbreit &Ochsenfurt (if possible)
• 11/6-Day trip to Bamberg ( by train)
• 12/6-Day trip to Nuremberg
• 13/6- Day trip to Rotenburg Ob Der Tauber

Stuttgart (7 nites)
• 14/6- Train from Wurzburg to Stuttgart. Spend time with family who lives here
• 15/6- Free & Easy- sightsee Stuttgart
• 16/6- Day trip to Tuebingen and Hohenzollern castle
• 17/6- Day trip to Heidelberg
• 18/6- Day trip to Baden- Baden
• 19/6-Day trip to Besigheim and Weldenbach ( ritter- choc)
• 20/6- Day trip to Esslingen or Ludswigburg

Frankfurt (1 nite)
• 21/6-train to Frankfurt. Sightsee city.
• 22/6- flight back home at 11.30am

Thanks so much!


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That looks much more doable. Würzburg is a good base town for those towns you're interested in. Marktbreit and/or Ochsenfurt could be visited on the way to Rothenburg - the train to Rothenburg stops there. On 10/6 you might enjoy a half day in Iphofen.

You'll likely need a car for Hohenzollern.

Weldenbach? think you mean Waldenbuch.

"I have decided to save the Bavarian and Salzburg region for our second trip"

Actually, everything you're visiting on the first four days is Bavaria. Here's a map of Bavaria with all the train lines shown:

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Lived in W'burg and one of the main things you'll want to visit is the Prince Bishop's Residence. One part of it is easy to miss if you are not looking for it. It is the Hofkirche on one end of the Residenze. Absolutely mind blowing. Also try to check out St. Kilian's Dom. The Marienberg Fortress is ok but if time is tight skip it. The view of it from the town is more impressive that the view of the town from the fortress. If you are there on market day, try a Wurzburger Wurst on a brochen roll. Great mid day or mid afternoon snack.

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anitaraj, I think there's more than one of you. For that, especially, use the Search box to read some of Russ' previous, superb advice on the confusing array of rock-bottom cheap regional day tickets on DB.

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Thank you o much everyone for your kind input. Now, I can move on to accommodations and transportation. Not sure if it makes sense for us to rent a car in Wurzburg to do the day trips? wondering if its easy to take public transportation to do sightseeing at the respective towns on the day trip from Wurzberg

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"wondering if its easy to take public transportation to do sightseeing at the respective towns on the day trip from Wurzberg"

A look at the local rail map for the Würzburg area should convince you that your stated daytrip destinations are doable. You'll find Iphofen on that map too.

Direct trains run to Bamberg, Nuremberg, Marktbreit, Ochsenfurt and Iphofen - it can't be simpler. Rothenburg requires one easy change of train in Steinach - tracks are clearly numbered as you see in this photo of the Steinach station. If the track numbers for your particular journey don't happen to share the same platform, you change platforms using the stairs and an underground passage that connects all the platforms.

Day passes are probably in order - if you want tips, share the details of your party (number of passengers, ages of children, family relationships if any) and you'll likely get some. Ticketing tips provided previously to other travelers on this forum may not be reliable for your own travel schedule, your own travel group, etc.

To get good schedule results at the DB website you can't use "Wurzberg" - you'll need to spell your base town correctly - Würzburg or Wuerzburg - and with -burg at the end, not -berg.

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Thanks Russ! Its just me and hubby on this trip. I am so sorry, i didn't make it clear- what i wanted to know is upon reaching the town, would traveling and sightseeing require taking local buses or would joining tours be the way forward.

I now have a keen interest in Rüdesheim, Rhine River and Bacharach- it would nice to head out to this side after our long journey just to wind down to start off our trip before we move to do our day trips. But am not sure if i can still continue to make day trips to Bamberg, Nuremberg & Rotenburg. Need your guidance on which i should omit from the list of town and which would be better base if i want to spend a nite in Bacharach.

After this, i am going to focus on accommodation and no more changes to the itinerary!! lol

Please guide me.

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"...upon reaching the town, would traveling and sightseeing require taking local buses or would joining tours be the way forward."

You may want to use the bus in Bamberg to avoid the lengthy walk into the old town. Certain sights in Nuremberg may lie outside of the main area, but generally speaking, it's easy to just leave the station and start sightseeing on foot in these towns. Day passes will normally include local inner-city transport if you wish to use it. You'll want a room somewhere near the station in Würzburg of course. Joining a walking tour (like the one in Würzburg) is a nice way to get to know the city, but it's not necessary if you don't wish to.

Please see my PM to you on some of the other issues.

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Funny, we're doing something similar in May but in reverse. Coming from Amsterdam, we're flying to Stuttgart (actually staying Ludwigsburg) for 2 nights, including a Porsche factory tour (the whole reason we're going there) and the Mercedes and Porsche museums, then down to Fussen for 1night and then to see the castles, then three nights in Munich, 1 in Regensburg (family came from here), then on to Nuremberg for 2 nights, Rothenberg ob Tauber for 2 nights, and then home from Frankfurt.

We are driving too. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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"19/6-Day trip to Besigheim and Waldenbuch (not: Weldenbach)"
You can hardly do this in one day. By car yes, but not by train and bus. Besigheim can easily be reached by RE (regional express) train,
but Waldenbuch can only be reached by bus. Besigheim and Waldenbuch are in opposite directions from Stuttgart.

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Sorry, all the trains to Besigheim are RB (Regionalbahn) trains.

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We always find Würzburg to be one of our favorite places to spend an evening. We very much enjoy a walk along the Main River near the Alte Mainbrücke (Old Main Bridge). The whole pedestrian zone is very lively in a polite friendly way.

We sometimes supper at the Stifthaug Gasthaus on Textorstraße and then return later for a glass of wine. The place is home to the owner's family. The owner's minor son likes to help waiting tables and grandma shows up with her card playing friends to occupy one of the tables. It is like the family, neighborhood gasthaus (inn) that I remember from earlier years in Deutschland. It will probably soon be replaced by an upscale, trendy restaurant.

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Thanks so much Gary and Demag:)

I have decided to spend 5 nites now at Rhineland- to hard to resist. Am tweaking my itinerary at the moment. Will post it for guidance.

Thanks loads