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Germany Opening to Americans?

Hi gang,

Has anyone heard when we might find out if and when Germany will be open to Americans?
Spain, France and Italy are now open; will Germany be soon?

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I do not follow this question closely, but have heard absolutely nothing about it in German-language media.

They are saying that our internal digital health pass is supposed to be ready by the end of this month, so perhaps there will be more news then? Just on instinct, I think that Germany will probably be on the slower end within the EU space.

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It is open to vaccinated travelers based upon the following:

This does not appear to be precisely correct. The rules you post are for people who are allowed to enter (like German citizens and residents), but Americans are not currently on that list unless they fall into other exception-categories. Here is the state website with the information about who is allowed to enter, who is not an EU citizen or resident:

And here is a just-today updated American embassy government website that says the same:

It is interesting to note that Germany is making these rules based on country of residency, which they define rather specifically, as well as citizenship. So, it not about where you are travelling from or where you have been in the last 15 days or so.

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Here’s a partial excerpt from Lufthansa’s website (full URL below) taken 6/9/2021. Below seems consistent with my previous post on this topic. Regardless, do your homework. Contact your air carrier for clarification.

“With immediate effect, new regulations apply to entry into Germany. We have summarised the most important changes for you:

From now on, fully vaccinated or recovered persons no longer need a negative Covid-19 test and no longer have to go into quarantine. This does not apply to those entering from virus-variant areas - here, a general testing obligation applies before entry and a 14-day quarantine obligation for all entrants.

After a stay in a simple risk area, quarantine can be avoided with the still obligatory Covid-19 test before entry. Again, fully vaccinated or recovered persons do not need to prove Covid-19 testing.

To legally avoid quarantine, you have a legal obligation to upload your vaccination, immunity or test proof to the Digital Entry Application (DEA). In exceptional cases, you can submit the proof within 24 hours of entry, but in this case you must remain in quarantine until it is sent. Alternatively, you can also submit the proofs digitally or by letter to your competent health office - in this case, quarantine is also mandatory until dispatch.”

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Yes, I agree that people should do their own research, but would recommend rather bypassing airlines, and instead consulting the relevant embassies and official government sources.

But, even relying on Lufthansa, here is another Lufthansa site that lists the terms for passengers arriving from the US, which reflects the new information on testing and vaccines, but also spells out the broader travel bans:

I am not trying to be difficult about this, but I genuinely believe the situation remains closed. It is, in any case, clearly fairly complicated to sort out.

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How about an official government website?

General entry restrictions
EU-wide entry restrictions remain in force.
For Germany, these restrictions are issued by the Federal Ministry of
the Interior, Building and Community (BMI). Please check with the BMI
prior to your trip to find out what regulations apply specifically
with regard to the country from which you plan to enter Germany.

In principle, entry is possible from:

-EU member states states associated with Schengen: Iceland, Norway,
Switzerland and Liechtenstein

-Other countries from which entry is
possible in light of the epidemiological situation assessment by the

Entry from any other country is only possible in exceptional cases
and is conditional on there being an urgent need.

US is not on the "other countries" list that can be accessed via a link on the government web page, so it falls into the "urgent need" category; the criteria for that are also accessible through a link; tourism is not an urgent need. My friend who is getting married there Aug 28? That's on the urgent need list, and he was allowed to enter without quarantine because he has proof of his vaccination.

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The Lufthansa blurb is for those who meet the criteria to enter Germany -- not for every Tom, Dick, and Harry from the US.

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The Lufthansa “blurb” is consistent with the information provided by Germany’s Ministry of Health at

Nothing to indicate the information provided by Lufthansa is specific solely to residents of Germany.

United Airlines is providing information that consistent with Lufthansa’s and the MOH.

Certainly the situation is “fluid” and requires careful assessment. Further, as virus variants appear the situation could change while one is away.

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Like Azra, I'm not trying to be difficult. But there is zero ambiguity as to whether Germany is open to US tourists. It is not (at least as of June 10 -- could change tomorrow).

I referenced a web page on the website of the Auswärtiges Amt (Gemany's Federal Foreign Office) earlier in the thread. I will now reference the website for the German Missions in the US (German Embassy and Consulates). On the homepage, scroll down to News and click on "Coronavirus (COVID-19)" to get to this page, updated 10 June 2021, which states:

Travel restrictions apply when entering Germany from the United
States. Entry is only permitted for a few narrow exceptions. Proof of
urgent need to travel is required.

June 2021 Update: Entry into Germany remains restricted and is
possible only in exceptional cases. This applies regardless of whether
the traveler is fully vaccinated or not. We will promptly provide
updated information on this site as soon as the restrictions change

Unless a US citizen meets one of Germany's "urgent need to travel" criteria, Germany is not currently open to US citizens. For the definition of urgent travel, see the FAQ for travel restrictions on the website of the Bundesministerium des Innern, für Bau und Heimat (BMI), which is the German ministry that issues travel regulations related to COVID-19 (see boxed quote in my prior post). Tourism is not on the list of things considered urgent travel.

While the Bundesministerium für Gesundheit webpage referenced above does not make it clear, it is providing the COVID-19 testing/quarantine requirements for individuals who meet the BMI's criteria for entry into Germany (see edit below). The webpage is not providing the sole requirements for entry into Germany, as (once again) rules regarding who can enter Germany during COVID times are established by the BMI, not by the Bundesministerium für Gesundheit.

Edits: A few things edited for clarity. I will add that given that the linked Bundesministerium für Gesundheit's webpage talks about holidays abroad and returning from risk areas, I'm not certain that the intended audience is "the world" -- it may be just for German residents. The German Embassy in the US website (or the BMI website) will be the best place to get definitive information on travel for US citizens.

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Deutsche Welle just reported that Germany has taken the USA and Canada off of their high-risk country list. They promised updates.

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Even with the updated change to the USA and Canada, right now according to this webpage, entry is still only for a "few narrow exceptions".

And the US still not listed on this webpage for unrestricted entry (under "What applies to air and sea travel outside of the European Union (entering Germany from a non-EU member state)?"

Hopefully they will change/update this information soon.

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From the DW article:

The decision takes effect on June 13.

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As of: 11 June 2021 USA - The United States of America are no longer considered a risk area per RKI. I haven't sifted through everything to determine travel; however, "Persons entering by plane must – irrespective of whether or not they spent time in a risk area– present a negative test result or proof of vaccination or proof of recovery to their carrier prior to departure."

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The plot thickens...

US is no longer a risk country, but the prior travel restrictions regarding US citizens entering Germany (i.e., must have an urgent need for travel) are still in place per a June 14th update on the German Embassy's website.

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That is indeed news.

Something for people to know who plan on coming early: depending on what city you visit, you should be prepared to show your immunisation documentation frequently. In my area, visiting museums and eating indoors still requires either a same-day coronatest result, of documentation of immunisation. Just a thing to be aware of!