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Germany Itinerary Feedback

My husband and I will be traveling from the Netherlands to and from Austria for a car rally next month. Below is our tentative itinerary through Germany noting major stops. Would appreciate feedback as to any other “must dos” or possible issues. Thanks for your feedback!
South Route (Rhine River Valley): Amsterdam (3) – Bonn (Wurzburg) – Rothenburg (2) – Fussen (Neuschwanstein Castle) – Kitzbuhel – Lienz
North Route (Romantic Road): Lienz (Salzburg) – Munich (2) (Dachau) – Stuttgart (Porsche Museum) – Baden-Baden (Caracalla Spa) – Koblenz (Burg Eltz) – Hague (Louwman Museum) - Amsterdam

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I know that you are attending a rallye but are you travelling by car or train?

Why would you stay in Bonn to visit Würzburg? Why not stay in Würzburg? It is on the way to RodT.

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Welcome to the Forum, mikkiiee.

Your plans are difficult to understand as presented. Please re-format them if you are hoping for others to understand them and give you better feedback.

It's hard for me to see how you will travel on the Romantic Road at all. Salzburg > Munich > Stuttgart isn't the Romantic Road.

"Would appreciate feedback as to any other “must dos” or possible issues."

A little feedback: There are dozens and dozens of other interesting places in Germany to visit which you have not mentioned, many of them near the routes you have outlined. One obvious one is the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley, the most scenic part lying south of Bonn between Koblenz and Rüdesheim, where you'll experience very little if you are just driving through or past it. This is a good place for castles, which you seem to be interested in (combine your Eltz visit with Marksburg and/or Rheinfels Castle while you are in the area? See links at pages below.)

Your current choices are popular places with high name-recognition and prominence in the guidebooks. But you are you, and you'll probably have a better time if choose places/sights that appeal to you and your husband rather than to the traveling public at large. (Personally, I don't consider any of your current destinations in Germany "must-does.") If "tailor-made" suggestions sound good to you, you might tell us more about your interests and your expectations for this trip.

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Your routes are fine but I wouldn‘t necessarily stay in those cities. Please do as Russ suggests and present in a different manner. List what cities you will stay at, for how many nights, and what you plan on doing in the city or or the route to it.

If you are driving then be sure to include driving times between. If driving the times shouldn’t be a problem. If taking the train, then look up specific times. For example Rothenburg to Fussen via train means connecting thru Munich.

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Sorry. I thought this would be a good summary as I have the details in a table format. For those of you who have responded thus far... We're picking up a Lancia Fulvia near Rotterdam and will be driving for 3 weeks (5 nights south, 7 nights rally, 7 nights north). Each driving day south and north is planned with about 2-3 hours on the road.
It will take all morning to pick up car so will drive 3 hours to Bonn for 1st night. Then 2nd day we'll get to Wurzburg and drive Romantic Road, spending 2 nights in Rothenburg and a night in Fussen. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle next morning, then drive on the Kitzbuhel. Want to do 2-3 hour hike the next morning around Kitzbuhel or on our way to our rally location in Lienz. Suggestions?
On the return, we'll stop a few hours in Salzburg on our way to Munich for 2 nights. Then on to Stuttgart to tour the Porsche Museum, then to Baden-Baden for the Caracalla Spa. Then planning a day to drive the Rhine River from Baden-Baden to Koblenz (276km) including stops in Bacharach and Marksburg Castle. Plan to drive up to Burg Eltz the next morning, then on to the Hague, where we'll visit the Louwman Museum.
I'd really appreciate any suggestions for places along the way that are not the major stops. Such as a easy/moderate hike, a great foodie spot, local artisan shop, awesome natural features, etc. Thanks!

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Looks like after Munich maybe you have only 1 night in each place on the return trip. For the Porsche Museum, which lies north of Stuttgart, you will probably bypass Stuttgart to reach the museum. So you could stay elsewhere near the Museum, or on the way to Baden-Baden - or just head to Baden-Baden for 2 nights. Unless you really want to backtrack into Stuttgart for a night for some reason.

After B-B you're heading to the Bacharach area (about 2 hours drive.) Since it appears you enjoy hiking, I'll suggest an easy one in nearby Oberwesel - the walk around Oberwesel's town wall fortifications:

From the north end of Oberwesel there's also a hike through the vineyards to the Günderodehaus, a former film set for an old German TV series and a fine place for refreshments with a view. You can also drive up. Amazing views too.

You'll want to make it to Marksburg for the 4 pm tour (which is in English under normal circumstances.)

The old town in Braubach is small but outstanding with some nice old-world inns and a couple places for a nice meal. Maybe you'd just as soon spend the night there as drive into Koblenz.

The following day takes you to Burg Eltz and the Hague. Sounds like a very busy day. And if it were my trip, I'd probably move on after Marksburg to stay closer to Eltz and bypass mostly-modern and relatively dull Koblenz. The smaller river Mosel towns are generally a good bit more charming. Look into Winningen, Hatzenport, or the other wine towns along the river for rooms. Winemakers in this area often run B&B's.

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Do you mind me asking how you are handling the Covid test requirements with each border?

I am going in October, and my friend and I nixed a day trip to Strasbourg and decided to just stay within Germany due to the Covid testing.

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Russ, All good suggestions. Will look at 2 nights in Baden-Baden and staying closer to Burg Eltz.

Lyn, Just spent a good couple of hours working from the US State Department website checking out each country we're going to, going to that country's embassy website, and searching through the COVID requirements. We're both fully vaccinated but am finding that some countries require pre-travel forms to be filled out. Start with:

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On the way to Stuttgart, you might want to stop n Bad Urach and hike to the waterfall. This hike was voted the best hike in Germany one year.

In Baden Baden there are several hikes. You can take the funicular to the top of Merkur and hike down